Tiffany surprised me until I discovered it's nothing more than a mangling of Theofania, or Theophania, a saint-name. The Mutability of Medieval names with regard to ch... Prize Money and Pensions in the Royal Navy of Nels... Heyeroines, F to V, meanings and origins of the names, Heyeroines, A to E, meanings and origins of the names. Click here to view an updated report on the 10 Best Colonial Names for Boys and Girls! of Surnames: surname, Maslin]. Like you mentioned Cortina or say Ford. HiMy first time on your blog and i love it.Please visit my blog baby blog thanks. The Mutability of Medieval names with regard to ch... Prize Money and Pensions in the Royal Navy of Nels... Heyeroines, F to V, meanings and origins of the names, Heyeroines, A to E, meanings and origins of the names. As for the girls, the list is a bit more limited. Thomas , Anna ) are found in both Latin and English contexts. I've often ended up with a tail of names that take the top 20 to more than 20 because I couldn't separate them. The form Saelova probably came from a random other mention in the book of a female with another surname, it was the usual way it changed in medieval records even as -gifu became -[g]iva. Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names, by Christian de Holacombe An excellent primer on late-period English names, including lists of common men's and women's given names, a list of more than 1000 surnames, and discussion of patterns of name … Constance or Patience. You are welcome, Loki, love the handle, capricious is the middle name of course! I'm trying to find documentation for that name and I'm coming up totally blank >_<. Be aware that the names here also show the most popular form, and encompass the pet names as well. Thank you so much for this chart, Sarah! Hi, i am about to start writing my first book so i am busy researching, is there any way i could contact you privately to perhaps pick your brain a little please?x. Clearly there were a few from 1100-1300 with that name. I shall give the top 50 names of each period. I’ll give the most common variants. I'm actually hunting Scandinavian names from pre 1600+/-. I’m sorry the table goes over the side bar, I can’t make it any narrower. Great Post!But I'm missing the name Eleanor. Advertisement. The following list of names in use approximately 1450-1650 is intended to aid the transcription and interpretation of old English documents. Pick Different Name for Your Baby at Pro Baby Names . It should also be noted that most people whose names have been recorded in early documents were the upper class; and I strongly suspect that many of the peasantry were still using Saxon names almost through to Tudor times. incidentally of the link I just posted, some of the boys with outlandish surnames for names were colonists! Isolde is the accepted English form of Yseult or Essylt, from Arthurian legend, the tragedy of Drustan [Tristan] and Yseult [Isolde]. Do you think they might have a modern equivalent? There are names that were so common in that era that I have never heard. p397 of the paperback under Sealeaf [surname] giving the original as Saelufu, Salove, Seluue. I really like this! English Names 1450-1600. the same to anyone who uses information from my blog. If you like historic baby names but want to move beyond the Victorian and biblical choices we've heard so much of in recent years, consider these names culled from Revolutionary War rolls and eighteenth-century town histories. Margaret or Margery. The following 8 names occurred 4 times each, making 0.53% of the total: Ellis, Isaac, Jenkin, Joos, Joseph, Mark, Nathaniel, Rees. I am trying to write a story with three girls born in the late 1600s whose parents are explorers. Alice or Frances. Can you name the Most Popular Girl Names of the Early 1600s. I love the name and wonder if Isolde has historical significance?Thank you. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Margaret or Margery. A rummage through random aspects of the past that interest me and may be of use or interest to other readers and writers of period fiction. The dates listed here are according to the old English calendar, where the New Year started in March. Thanks I needed to make up a colonist and I did not no any names from the 1600's. Your first name, the one given to you at baptism, was your "Christian name" or"given name." It was called rebatos in continental Europe. Iselda was a form also used in the Middle Ages. Popular Baby Names of the 1600s: This or That? Thanks. There’s less change in the male names after the Reformation than might be expected, the introduction of a few more Biblical names but nothing very obvious amongst the perennial favourites. The copyright of certain portions of are retained by the original contributors as noted. An Elizabethan character would NOT use what we now call a "middlename," which is essentially an extr… Thank you for the wonderful information! lol. You can also look up Charleston Manifests by Slave Owner [table striped="true" responsive="true"][table striped="true" responsive="true"] Slave NameShip Age Sex Class Slave ResidenceAbigailEdgefield 34 Female Black Charleston, S.C.Abraham Hamburg 11 Male Black … This name generator will give you 10 random colonial American names and surnames. Renaissance Period: c 1400 - 1600 A.D. Italy was not a unified country during the Renaissance. Odd Saxon and Viking names endured, Thorfinn and Torkil and similar could be found on the east coast up to the 18th century and Torkil endured longer in Scotland as Torquil. See ‘The Mutability of Names with regard to pronunciation’, Jane and the Christmas Masquerades (Jane, Bow Street Consultant), 100 years of Cat Days: 365 cat stories spanning a century, Poison for a Poison Tongue (The Felicia and Robin Mysteries). Mary or Marion. Masota is probably a diminutive as -ot was a diminutive and often with a girl [though not always] was -ota. Major city-states included Genoa, Milan, Florence, and Venice. This page was last updated on Friday, April 26, 2013. and don't hesitate to ask if you need to check a research point, if I don't know I probably have a book that does! It evolved to a large lace collar that are wired. Joan was the most common form of what later became almost exclusively Jane; one might have found Jean,Jehanne, Joanne, Johanna, Jennet etc. Beatrice or Florence. In … Names, separated by sex, are listed in descending order of popularity. Where a shared place low down the table carries the numbers over 50 so be it. Thank you. In the earlier period it may have been in the form Hrodbeort. Robert and Hugh are two of the few names to be found crossing that change, and Robert is the only name to be found in the top 10 across time. Many names from this period didn't really survive well, but there are a few which are still in use in some form today. Scientia/Sanchia/Sensey was the one that surprised me! Medieval names of a biblical nature. Thank you. I do not claim 100% accuracy but it should give a fair idea. I am wary of Mercia, I think your instincts are right. :-). Generally those of Parliamentarian bent would be more likely to use a name like Hezekiah, Hebshebeth, Bythia, Prudence, Patience, Mercy, Faith, Dorcas; and those of Royalist bent more likely to use Henrietta, Fri[d]swith, Maria[h], Ursula.

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