Definition and high quality example sentences with “hastened” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Examples of hastened in a sentence: 1. 4. The death of Titus, if not hastened by foul means, was at least eagerly welcomed by his brother. So great was his joy at the discovery, thus made by help of a work from which he had expected only mystery, that he hastened to return thanks to God, and bestowed an alms upon the poor. Keep calm, I will call again tomorrow, said Metivier; and putting his fingers to his lips he hastened away. Alonzo hastened to say: Oh, Rosannah, unsay those words ! My heart has become full of grief for the feast of Mynyddog, I have lost too many of my true kinsmen. Urban's bull was once more promulgated, at the council of Vienne in 1311, by 1 The pope's decision, so the story goes, was hastened by a miracle. On the outbreak of the Sicilian revolution at Palermo (January 12, 1848) he hastened to the island and took an active part in guiding the insurrection. His failure to relieve Breda had hastened the death of Maurice. reciprocates the man, watching the visitor as he, However, any time I try to hold him, his concerned mother, Later experimentation proved that adding thyroid extracts to the water induces or, The soldiers you believe to be dying with hunger, worn out with fatigue, ready to desert, gather like atoms of snow about the rolling ball as it, Their main argument is for the copious bleeding caused by both the exit wound and the entrance wound - which makes it easier to track the animal and, The man before him, his friend, who has just been enrolled, has but this moment stepped out of the office stark naked, and with chattering teeth, Incog Haroun al Raschid he flits behind the silent lechers and, He tries to learn who Pushkin was, and having discovered that Pushkin was neither a hero nor a general, but was a private person and a writer, he comes to the conclusion that Pushkin must have been a holy man and a teacher of goodness, and he, What am I beside her? Such was the characteristic of Helen’s discourse on that, to me, memorable evening; her spirit seemed, I did not, however, linger long on hearing this; but, Suddenly a noise roused his attention, and on the far side of a field on his left hand he could see six or seven men in smock-frocks with hay-forks in their hands making an offensive approach towards the four railway agents who were facing them, while Caleb Garth and his assistant were, At the battle of Borodinó, when Bagratión was killed and nine tenths of the men of our left flank had fallen and the full force of the French artillery fire was directed against it, the man sent there was this same irresolute and undiscerning Dokhtúrov—Kutúzov, Though, in deference to her masculine advisers, she had refrained from what Sir James had called "interfering in this Bulstrode business," the hardship of Lydgate's position was continually in her mind, and when Bulstrode applied to her again about the hospital, she felt that the opportunity was come to her which she had been hindered from, What type of love are you going to bring, to be, to practice in these times when many are, The young gentleman soon discerned the symptoms of a reconciliation in my softened looks, and, And here he observed he thought, if his correspondence with the British Envoy, which afforded evidence of "continued hostility" towards us, furnished matter of sufficient importance to press upon Congress the utility of, Almost she tripped over their carelessly-flung-out and forgotten feet, and greatly startled and embarrassed, besides being really sorry to have disturbed what was, after all, one of the most interesting moments of life, she stammered something apologetic, and with bowed head and eyes discreetly lowered was. Women also have an important role to play in harvesting the honey, brewing mez, and carrying out small scale beekeeping in cooperation with friends and neighbours. en.wiktionary.2016 [verb] simple past tense and past participle of [i]hasten[/i] Lemmas. At that time Tours belonged to Austrasia, and King Sigebert hastened to confirm Gregory's election. Hastened quotes from YourDictionary: From the retinue of Mynyddog they hastened forth; in a shining array they fed together round the wine-vessel. He died on the 13th of October 1715; his end was said to have been hastened by a metaphysical argument into which he had been drawn in the course of an interview with Bishop Berkeley. Stung by this insult, he neglected the fire of war which had been lighted at Caesarea, and hastened to Jerusalem. in hasten in a sentence - Use "in hasten" in a sentence 1. Tze-kung heard the words, and hastened to him. (10) Robert hastened on. Learn the definition of hastened and how to use it in a sentence. Hasten definition: If you hasten an event or process, often an unpleasant one, you make it happen faster or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Having crossed the Euphrates he hastened to make himself master of Parthia; but he was defeated at Carrhae (53 B.C.) 2015-09-01 04:12:49 2015-09-01 04:12:49. But the passage of the Stamp Act hastened the catastrophe and gave the leaders of the new combination, notably Henry, an opportunity to humiliate the British ministry, whom not even the tide-water party could defend. A military and republican rising hastened Sagasta's fall, and he was not readmitted into the councils of Alphonso XII. As he hastened up the little drive, his walk, usually so dignified and elastic, became a shamble. He hastened to propitiate the former by a donative of twice the usual amount, and excused his hasty acceptance of the throne to the senate by alleging the impatient zeal of the soldiers and the necessity of an imperator for the welfare of the state. They concentrated their scattered men and hastened to march to the appointed rendezvous. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Sunny South Laura Lee Hope of its assembling it had abolished the permanent council; enlarged the royal prerogative; raised the army to 65,00o men; established direct communications with the Western powers; rejected an alliance which Russia, alarmed at the rapid progress of events, had hastened to offer; declared its own session permanent; and finally settled down to the crucial task of reforming the constitution on modern lines. For joiners' work the drying of the wood is often hastened by stacking the timber in well-ventilated rooms kept at a temperature of from 80° to 150° F. She obtained a grant of 700,000 a year, and hastened to bestow a pension of X100,000 on her husband, whom she created generalissimo of her forces and lord high admiral, while Marlborough obtained the Garter, with the captain-generalship and other prizes, including a dukedom, and the duchess was made mistress of the robes with the control of the privy purse. Sentence using the word hastened. Then hearing that the Austrians had counter-marched and were again moving towards Dresden, he hastened back there, concentrated as many men as could conveniently be handled, and advanced beyond Pirna and KOnigstein to meet him. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. They use hastened in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for hastened. hastened in English translation and definition "hastened", Dictionary English-English online. The process of decay was hastened by frequent outbreaks of plague, sometimes followed by famine; a contemporary manuscript estimates that no fewer than 500 persons died daily in Lisbon alone during July, August and September 1569, and in some other years the joint effects of plague and famine were little less disastrous. Definition of sable a weasel-like mammal with warm fur that is often used to make clothing Examples of sable in a sentence The sable is best known for its soft pelt, making it a popular and valuable mammal for the fur industry. I hastened to seize my prey. Which of the following sentences, if placed before sentence 1, would both attract readers' attention and provide an effective introduction to the ensuing paragraph? The execution of the decree, hastened by a year, took place in 1660. From the anteroom Berg ran with smooth though impatient steps into the drawing room, where he embraced the count, kissed the hands of Natasha and Sonya, and hastened to inquire after "Mamma's" health. 2. Examples of hasten in a Sentence His death was hastened by alcohol abuse. The emperor Theodosius II., hearing what had happened, hastened to the spot in time to hear from their lips that God had wrought this wonder to confirm his faith in the resurrection of the dead. The Emperor was following him, and Bennigsen had hastened on to make some preparations and to be ready to receive the sovereign. But the affairs of the firm were then in a desperate condition, and money difficulties hastened his father's death. Cromwell hastened to the House, and at the last moment, on the bill being put to the vote, whispering to Harrison, "This is the time; Y must do it," he rose, and after alluding to the former good services of the parliament, proceeded to overwhelm the members with reproaches. In May 1832 he hastened from Paris to see the duchess of Berry on her landing in the south of France for the purpose of organizing an insurrection in favour of her son, the duke of Bordeaux, since known as the Comte de Chambord. But his health had been long undermined by excesses, and his end was probably only hastened by the shock of his arrest. ‘But, the lawyer hastened to add, ‘This is not intended to be any kind of specific statement.’’ ‘This, I hasten to add, is not to cast any aspersion over the good intentions of either company, rather, it reflects what tends to happen generally in a market concentrated on a small number of suppliers.’ When the German party in the northern duchies rose against the Danish government, Waitz hastened to place himself at the service of the provisional government. See more. Del primato morale e civile degli Italiani and the Prolegomeni to the same, and soon afterwards his triumphant exposure of the Jesuits, Il Gesuita moderno, no doubt hastened - the transfer of rule from clerical to civil hands. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Here are some examples. I hastened to meet him. But when, in 147, Scipio himself took the command in Africa, Polybius hastened to join him, and was an eye-witness of the siege and destruction of Carthage. As we hastened through the long grass toward the hammock, the grasshoppers swarmed about us and fastened themselves on our clothes, and I remember that my teacher insisted upon picking them all off before we sat down, which seemed to me an unnecessary waste of time. Hasten in a sentence up(4) down(5) Sentence count:96+4Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2017-02-09. I hastened to seize my prey. Examples of Hasten in a sentence. definitions. There were unmistakable signs of hastened activity: guards lined up to draw horses from the stables while several more hurried from their posts atop a wall to the area near Sirian. 5. Daniel himself felt this, and as usual stood just inside the door, trying to speak softly and not move, for fear of breaking something in the master's apartment, and he hastened to say all that was necessary so as to get from under that ceiling, out into the open under the sky once more. From Sjaelland Charles now hastened to Livonia with 8000 men. 3. It was desirable that her husband should appear and invite the prince down to the country: she relied upon the appearance of the father of the family, in dress-coat and white tie, Should it ever become the settled doctrine in this country, that the opinions and the measures of the Executive are entitled to our prompt acquiescence and blind support; that, like the devoted soldier, a mere military machine, we are not to pause over a vote; that free discussion of the merits of the Executive shall authorize suspicion of the purity of the citizen; the time will be fast, And this gossip filtered through into the Palace, and Judith, who never did speak, spoke less than ever, but edging away more and more decidedly from the blandishments of the Master, who had not been invited to Coops, spent most of her time in her own room engaged in not looking at her trousseau; and the Palace became such an uncomfortable place what with one thing and another, and the strain of remaining calm and becoming in conduct to the ducally protected Herr Dremmel was so great, that at last the Bishop was as eager as anyone to get the wedding over and feverishly furthered any scheme that would, by, Jesus said to him If you can believe! Napoleon, who bad suffered a crushing defeat at Leipzig, hastened to recognize the impossibility of retaining Spain by releasing Ferdinand VII., who returned to Madrid in March 18I4. While these things were taking place around them, the Christians of the kingdom of Jerusalem only hastened their own fall by internal dissensions which repeated the history of the period preceding 1187. 2. He died in 1787, at an opportune moment for himself; though he had temporarily raised Frances position in Europe, his work was soon ruined by the very means taken to secure its successes: warfare and armaments had hastened the hideous bankruptcy. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Words … All three remained silent, and he hastened to continue:. Immediately after his coronation, he hastened to his newly won territories, accompanied by the principal civil and ecclesiastical dignitaries of Denmark, and was solemnly acknowledged lord of Northalbingia (the district lying between the Eider and the Elbe) at Lubeck, Otto IV., then in difficulties, voluntarily relinquishing all German territory north of the Elbe to Valdemar, who in return recognized Otto as German emperor. Sentence using the word hastened. 61. 107 85 One after another they hasten to display their insignificance before him. The bulk of the heavy guns were withdrawn to the second line and the work of preparation was hastened on; but the enemy attack seemed imminent, and it was impossible to set about a complete reorganization under the immediate threat. He effected a temporary adjustment of the Jansenist controversy; was instrumental in concluding the peace of Aix-laChapelle (1668); healed a long-standing breach between the Holy See and Portugal; aided Venice against the Turks, and laboured unceasingly for the relief of Crete, the fall of which hastened his death on the 9th of October 1669. "Give me a minute," she said and hastened to her feet. Learn more. The pope who had previously recognized the victorious Philip, hastened to return to the side of Otto; the capitulation of Neuss was renewed and large concessions were made to the church. Having despatched this severe reprimand he hastened on to Donauworth, where he arrived at 4 A.M. III, Hypothetical transition from II to the indirect method with an entocodon; the formation of the manubrium is retarded, that of the umbrella hastened (IIIa, b). Examples: The rain was about to fall so they had to hasten. Sentence Examples. hastened meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of hasten 2. to make something happen sooner or more quickly…. I hasten to add that I knew nothing of the fraud at the time. Per tale motivo il Parlamento europeo si è affrettato ad adottare il trattato di Prüm prima dell'estate. They won' t get home, … They do not represent the opinions of In order to achieve rapid economic growth, Singapore hastened its reforms. hastened in English translation and definition "hastened", Dictionary English-English online. The grand vizier nevertheless laid the blame of the failure on Thokbly, who thereupon hastened to Adrianople to defend himself before the sultan. Charlemagne hastened to Rome to support Leo, and on Christmas Day, 800, was crowned emperor by the pope. "In 1,000 small ways, you have hastened the deaths of many" "He hastened his plans to invade Norway" "I'm pleased I've hastened the announcement" "We were already a target you just hastened the process" These are open tracts upon which the blue ground is spread out and left exposed to sun and rain until it crumbles and disintegrates, the process being hastened by harrowing with steam ploughs; this may require a period of three or six months, or even a year. See more.

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