And double-check your coordinates before heading out, as some of these locations are approximate **. The hot springs is free and named because it is 12 miles north of Wells. Call the BLM office for updates before you bathe. Important Tip: The source pool near the parking area is a scalding 130 degrees. The other end can get scorching hot. It’s why I always travel with a trash bag hiking or hot springing, so I can clean up after others as well as myself, in the hopes that these spots last forever. But you enter the trailhead via Nevada. Best visited from September through May, Roger’s and the nearby Blue Point Spring help support a lush desert ecosystem that includes vibrant desert palms and other greenery. My name is Kristen, and this is my outdoor blog. Las Vegas even has its fair share of mineral water ripe for soaking within a day trip’s of town. 12-Mile Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful and natural hot springs in Nevada. Love Nevada? This is among the most picturesque hot springs in Nevada — if you can find it. The silty Trego Hot Springs is one of them where soakers can enjoy a peaceful mineral-dense mud bath. Head down this road for 2 miles until you reach the springs. . There’s also free first-come-first-serve camping at the nearby Virgin Valley Campground. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Have you soaked in any of these incredible hot springs? well, not quite as the Hiltons own the Flying M Ranch up the valley and the girls have been known to drop in on the hot springs. Use our hot springs map to locate a hot springs nearest you! * You can not add any links to your comment as was previously mentioned above, A Secret Vegas Oasis – Paddling the Black Canyon, 4-Day Sun Valley and Stanley Idaho Itinerary for Outdoor Enthusiasts, A Practical Guide to Hot Springs Etiquette, A Guide to the Best Small Towns in Nevada, Get off the Strip: 7 Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas, A Secret Vegas Oasis: Kayaking the Vegas Black Canyon. I’ve never heard of that “method” to remove insects… I can’t help but wonder what long-term health effects those same young men are seeing today. Made it out to 12 Mile a few weeks ago and it was SO worth the trek! If you go here, embrace the company or try to hit it mid-week when the crowds are few. Just follow the stream from here down to the river to find the tub. It has the most mountain ranges out of any state (more than 300), some with peaks over 13,000ft and it’s also home to the driest area in the US, the Mojave Desert. Most of the hot springs are on public land while others are on private land. Alkali Hot Springs In the western Nevada desert, close to Goldfield, this place has multiple springs to start with. Water comes from a geothermal source and contains the same healing minerals you’d find in a natural hot spring. The three pools here are nicely spread out, and each … I’ve been to Bog and Trego this past weekend, thanks to this blog ! Located at the junction of US 6 and Nevada 375 (aka the Extraterrestrial Highway), Warm Springs is an abandoned hot springs resort and ghost town. The sites are outfitted with fire rings, tables, pit toilets, and drinking water. Each hot springs page includes locations, directions, maps, descriptions, photos, videos, reviews, and more. If you’re itching for a road trip, grab your (birthday) suit and hit the road. Hey there! I’ve seen so many great spots get roped or fenced off, and one even got bulldozed and filled due to disrespectable and disrespectful people. Located in the middle of a large marsh, this region is prime habitat for migrating birds, mule deer, antelope, and other species. Though I make semi-regular visits to the playa when The Man gets ready for his burn, I now pretty much avoid Trego during festival time. The source is about 105 degrees. Limestone ledges and a metal ladder provide easy entry at this series of hot pools on the border of the Ruby Wildlife Refuge, one of the most remote wildlife refuges in the lower 48. Can’t wait to visit again, this time in the winter! While we often tell you a visit to Carson Valley will “upgrade your status to legendary” in this case you’ll enjoy the same hot springs that served as the muse for none other than Mark Twain. Glad to hear that you’re helping to keep these spots nice for everyone for years to come. You are not the problem, entitled people are. Another unique feature is the abundance of water the springs produce, which is approximately 1,000 gallons per minute. Kristen, so weird to see someone write about Ruby Valley Hot Springs. Water temperature is adjusted by moving a pipe with hot water to flow into or out of the tub. Or you can just sit back and soak and enjoy the view of the surrounding Humboldt Mountains. Use the wooden plank that leads to the pool to find the most common entry point and avoid the other end of the pool where the source water can be burning hot. I talk about it in this post and I’ve shared a number of other articles about Leave No Trace on my website. It’s a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts to view pronghorn antelope and enjoy the sweeping wide-open desert landscapes. The Arizona Hot Springs (similar to the Goldstrike Hot Springs below) are in a canyon about 45 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. This info is all over the Internet. in the forest? Like Arizona Hot Springs above, Gold Strike is located along the Colorado River about 45 minutes from downtown Las Vegas. Thanks! Water condition: The water in Bartine was a cozy 102-degrees when I visited. I discovered the power of the outdoors in my 20s, at the time I needed it most. Sprinkled throughout these peaks and deserts are dozens of natural hot springs. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Ash Springs Hot Springs is easily accessible and visible, so remember this if you choose to use one of the pools for bathing. I had not seen any writeups and cruised out there maybe 15 years ago. These pools are large enough for four people and have a depth of approximately 3 feet. Do not mistake this for the springs. Warm Springs is in Nye County, about 60 miles east of Tonopah, Nevada. Hi, Alan! We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. I guess I was in there water hole. Once you get to the Gold Strike Hot Springs, though, the scrambling will be worth it. The original source of the spring releases mineralized water at an impressive rate of nearly 30 gallons per minute with a temperature of approximately 111 degrees F. 12-Mile (Bishop Creek) Hot Springs is located along the Humboldt River in Northeastern Nevada. While you’re there, be sure to check out the mountain biking and hiking trails at nearby Kershaw-Ryan State Park. Just make sure to clean up after yourself and pack out all your trash, as with any of the hot springs mentioned here. Bartine hot springs. I’m pretty shocked that the locals pour gasoline into the spring. A well-maintained large cattle trough next to the meandering Little Humboldt River provides soakers a private and quiet place to relax in the midst of the Great Basin and its surrounding snow-capped mountains. Dead frogs everywhere with no soakable springs, all 170+ degrees. Smack in the middle of Carson City on the east side of Lake Tahoe, this no-frills, family-friendly hot spring resort has a large outdoor pool, private soaking rooms, a fire pits, and a powerful massage fountain known as “the hammer.”. 5 Natural Nevada Hot Springs Worth Chasing This lineup is a straight up intro to the realm of possibility when it comes to natural hot springs in Nevada. General Description: 12 Mile Hot Springs is also know as Bishop Creek Hot Springs. If your car can’t make it to the end, go as far as you can and walk the rest of the way. While you might run into a few locals at the pools, there’s a good chance you will have these two pleasant in-ground cement-lined soaking tubs all to yourself. Bearfoot Theory / Outdoor Adventure Blog / Nevada Blogs / 21 Best Hot Springs in Nevada – Mapped. Jennifer is the Alabama staff writer for Only In Your State and has nearly 15 years of professional writing experience. Impressive! 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But my favorite memory, was midnight I am at the Hot spring on the top of the hill. Nestled within the surprisingly lush Big Smoky Valley, these hot springs are accessible via a dirt road that is passable in any vehicle. In Nevada, soaking in a steamy hot spring is one of the best ways to relax after a long day of hiking, biking, etc. Many Nevada hot springs can be found with a simple Google search … It features two rustic rock walled tubs where guests can soak and enjoy the warmth of the water at around 105 degrees. The hot springs are home to some of the area’s most long-standing history. The Silver State has more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs, making it the U.S. state with the most hot springs. out in the middle of nowhere in the East Sierras . Located just off “America’s Loneliest Highway,” these springs are easily accessible and consist of a steamy metal tub and an in-ground spring. Thanks Tom for watching out for us. Was enjoying the water when all of a sudden I hear and see 4 burros making loud noises and started rushing the Hot Spring. 12-Mile Hot Springs, also called Bishop Creek Hot Springs, is one of the most scenic places to take a dip in northern Nevada.Located outside Wells at the foot of the Humboldt Range, this massive, gravel-bottom soaking pool sits right on the creek with views of the rocky cliffs that flank the river’s edge. What other hot springs in Nevada are worth visiting? Photo by Jasperdo – Mexico - Caliente, Nevada (2015) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 It was one of the colonies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), and had been flourished as a spa town along the Union Pacific Railroad. Nevada Hot Springs. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! But don’t worry because you can easily adjust the temperature of the two man-made rustic pools with pipes and hoses. The Alkali Hot Springs located in the remote part of Western Nevada. I’m glad you stumbled upon us here and have explored Ruby Valley Hot Springs. Scared the poop out of me. I had to move quick , butt naked jumping back in my truck before they bite my ass. The multiple natural pools at Soldier Meadows sits adjacent to dozens of trails and creeks and is a great place to spend a night or two. Temperature varies at the site, so make sure to do a touch test before jumping in. BUT, the water was lovely and clear. Ash Springs Hot Springs is a series of shaded natural hot spring ponds. Click below onto the hot springs for detailed information. Popular among ATVers and RV campers, Fish Lake Valley is one of the few hot springs in Nevada that offers amenities such as fire pits and BBQs. Spencer Hot Springs is located just off “America’s Loneliest Road” and consists of a series of pools. The fellow said his boss was away and I could stay over for $20. Hey Albert – I’m not sure about that, but my guess is no. The average water temperature for one of the pools is 108 degrees F, and the other pool averages 100 degrees F. While visiting Bog Hot Springs, you can try out different pools to find one with the perfect temperature. Save yourself the time. While natural hot springs are common in the area, Spencer’s is a cluster of natural springs on public land, managed by the Bureau of Land Management. There was no one around, but when I got there the spring was trashed – looked like 30 teenageers had a giant beer party some time before. Known for epic sunsets, the two plastic soaking tubs have gorgeous views of the mountains and with average water temperatures in the low-90s, these springs are best enjoyed in the warmer months. 3) Alkali Hot Springs. Just 20 miles off of 1-80, Kyle Hot Springs are super easy to get to. In the middle of a large travertine hill, you’ll find a sunken crater that measures 50 feet across by 30 feet deep and is full of 200-degree dark blue water, not unlike some of the hot pools found in Yellowstone. So you can start your complaining with them. The Silver State has more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs, making it the U.S. state with the most hot springs. It was closed, but I noticed other RVs and people there. Spencer Hot Springs just might be the perfect Nevada hot springs destination. More of warm springs rather than hot, Roger’s Hot Springs is located not too far from Las Vegas at Lake Mead National Recreation Area between Echo Bay and Overton. The crystal clear waters rival that of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding views of the majestic high desert oasis of the White River Valley are unbeatable. 2020 Update: The ladder to Arizona Hot Springs was damaged by a flood so there is no access to the pools from the river at this time. Fill em up, wait until the water is comfortable, and then get your soak on. Take a break from the Las Vegas nightlife and head to this three-tiered hot spring pool nestled in a dark slot canyon near Hoover Dam. Category: Nevada Hot Springs For Sale. The Soldier Meadows Ranch is a working cattle ranch right next to the springs that offers lodging and home-cooked meals, or if you prefer to rough it, there is plenty of free BLM camping in the area. She enjoys discovering new places and currently calls North Alabama home. This relaxing hot spring offers a gorgeous view of the Humboldt Mountains. The largest spring's water is approximately 140 degrees F and flows into a concrete tub. Nevada is a state with ample hot springs located by some of its favorite. Not to mention the harmful effect on the water source. ** Click on the icon on the top right of the map to see a bigger version and get driving directions in Google Maps.

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