If you answer ja (yes), your item will be transformed into a present fit for presenting directly to the receiver without a single request for money. The Dutch are famous for their window sills, which can often be seen from the streets, containing all kinds of knickknacks. Fill out the form to participate. In the Netherlands there is Eerste Kerstdag and Tweede Kerstdag (First Christmas Day and Second Christmas Day). The heat from the candle pushes the warm air upwards, causing the cherubs to start milling around and hitting the bells, resulting in a tinkling sound. Every year the historic Bergkwartier of Deventer is transformed for two days into a real-life scene from a Charles Dickens novel. For expats of all colours, shapes & sizes. Dutch children in Holland, or the Netherlands, anxiously look forward to St. Nicholas Day on December 6. Dutch Christmas ornaments can get as gaudy as those of any other country. In the Netherlands the Christmas tree is called the paradise tree. A gourmet set is definitely unique, though. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. Christmas is an exciting time of year for many of us, but it is celebrated differently all over the world. Although the Kerstpakket is a voluntary present, and more symbolic than anything else, Dutch employees in the Netherlands tend to rejoice when receiving one around the holidays, so it's a good tradition for expat employers to keep in mind. Young children are ushered onto the ice as well, with special double-bladed skates, and often with a chair to lean on for balance. However, this will not deter the average Dutchman! This is a particularly big attraction if there are children in your group. In Netherlands, you will see trees and Christmas decorations on each class door at school as typical Christmas tradition. Christmas … The Dutch love their trees – in fact they love Christmas decorations in general. Traditionalists like to keep these two events separate and there’s a guideline- first Sinterklaas then Christmas. These evergreen trees may be natural or artificial and are decorated with all types of baubles, lights, tinsel, garland, and ornaments to suit each family or organization's particular taste. Now I’m in Moldova where the weather is gray and “miezerig” and damp, which I guess should make me feel right at home . Be sure to keep an eye out for little Christmas trees, lights and model Christmas villages on the sills around December! More than anything, it is an occasion for the family to come together and spend some time eating tasty food, watching Christmas movies, catching up and playing games. Ready to deck the halls? There are only five more days to go before the big day. When you head up to the check-out with your purchases, you will often be asked, “is dit een kadootje?” (is this a gift?). To get you into the Christmas mood, Dutch style, here are some things you might like to know about Christmas in the Netherlands. The world is full of stunning Christmas traditions, weird Christmas fun facts and delicious recipes. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device. The 'banketstaaf' is a traditional Dutch pastry, served at Christmas time. Will you be having a Dutch Christmas this year, or do you prefer the traditions from your own country? Christmas Day is a public holiday. Each stamp is at a discounted rate and every year they look different (this year they are really cute!). Touristy stuff is perfectly allowed during this special time that celebrates over-the-top flamboyance, so don’t be surprised to see some Delft Blue Christmas clogs up in the tree. I studied Japanese Language and Culture, and Film and Photographic... Coronavirus press conference: 20.30 to 4.30 curfew introduced. ), Dutch government considering 8pm to 4am coronavirus curfew, Dutch cabinet resigns in wake of childcare benefit scandal. Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. Results will be announced after the closing date and winners will be contacted directly. ):  The stamps are only valid for items that weigh 0-50 grams and also only for post sent within the Netherlands. When there is no natural ice on the canals, plenty of ice skating rinks pop up around the country for everyone to get their fill of ice skating after all. Some people build wooden Christmas pyramids and decorate them with evergreens and candles. Blue, pink, and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time. The arrival of Santa Claus kicks of the Christmas season in the Netherland. (Watch Out! Everywhere you can see traditional 19th century Christmas decorations and more than 950 characters from Dickens’ novels are brought to life around you. You might be interested in the top 10 Christmas tree themes for ideas to decorate a special tree this year, such as with a western or food theme. The top floor of the Bijenkorf department stores are always worth checking out for the latest in tree fashions, with matching ribbons, table placements and mood candles. Celebration of Christmas in Netherlands brings out the very best of the Dutch capital amidst the varied traditions and rituals. But the post service in the Netherlands has tried to alleviate your pain a bit with a little something known as “Decemberzegels” or “Kerstzegels.”  These special post stamps are only valid from November 22nd tot en met (to and including) January 6th. The most typical ones, though, are boxes complete with all kinds of drinks, cheeses and Christmas bread, along with curious items like pasta shells, crackers, novelty items and sauces. The Kerstpakket comes in many shapes and sizes, depending on the employer’s discretion. From the Netherlands to Australia, InterNations employees have shared their Christmas experiences and traditions from their native countries. Haven’t been there during that time for ages. Bakers first create a sugary dough and then add sultanas, raisins, brandy and lemon zest. Erdnüssli – peanut (a typical gift from Santa) Fitze – Santa’s stick that he uses to hit bad behaving children) Grittibänz – bread roll in the shape of a man; Gschänkli – gifts; Guetzli – cookies; Liechterchetti – chain of lights; Mandarinli – mandarin (a typical gift from Santa) Samichlaus – Santa December 26th is called “Tweede Kerstdag” meaning “Boxing Day”. Is snow finally on the way to the Netherlands? Are all your Christmas decorations up? The fact that the word has been turned into a verb already hints at the different nature of its meaning. I hope you are ready. Are there presents under your tree? In the Netherlands there is Eerste Kerstdag and Tweede Kerstdag (First Christmas Day and Second Christmas Day). Board games come down from the shelves around this time, too. Dutch Christmas trees (kerstbomen) appear all over the Netherlands soon after the Sinterklaas eve. You can wander through miles of passageways of the Municipal Cave and the Velvet Cave where you will find hugely inspiring and extraordinary Christmas accessories. People buy Christmas trees, and decorate them with kerstkransjes (Christmas wreath cookies), glass balls, gilded nuts, ribbons, glittery pine cones, frosted bells, and red and white candles. It's a luxurious raisin bread, filled with nuts, dried fruits and with a tube of almond paste in it. Most of the times, the Kerstpakket is ordered from a special company that offers them. Employees who are new to the Netherlands may be surprised to be handed what seems like a peculiar care package from their employers around the holidays. Pakjesavond is for Presents (Not Christmas Eve) Children in the Netherlands receive presents from Sinterklaas on December 5th, pakjesavond, instead of Christmas Eve. Valkenburg is the Nº 1 Christmas Town in the Netherlands. These greetings (with rough translations) will get you through the holidays, sounding like a native Dutch speaker: Christmas may result in a general post slowdown what with all those extra letters and packages that have to be delivered. Let’s travel the world together to discover them, from Portugal to the Philippines! It is quite common to spend one Christmas day with one side of the family and the other day with the other side, although every family is different of course! Many people place beautiful Advent star lights in their windows. A Christmas decoration is any of several types of ornamentation used at Christmastime and the greater holiday season. This is the Kerstpakket (Christmas package), a present from the company, to see you through the holidays and show you some appreciation for your hard work throughout the year. People put them up in public spaces and their living rooms and decorate them with lights and ornaments. The Kerstkrans is in fact a flaky puff pastry which contains almond paste (or amandelspijs). Either way, IamExpat wishes you happy holidays! Dutch trees always have a peak. Favourites are Scrabble, Rummikub, Mens Erger Je Niet and Ganzenbord. This means that Christmas in the Netherlands is really about the ambiance. The Dutch Have Separate Holidays for Gift Giving and Christmas 1. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Kerststol is an oval shaped sweet bread that is filled with large chunks of almond paste and dried fruit. Will the Dutch coronavirus lockdown be extended? Gold and silver are also very common, as are other metallic colours. Pas Op! Rather than just implying fancy food, "gourmetten" is a joint activity where the entire dining company gathers around a heated plate to roast small meats and vegetables. While they eagerly await the arrival of Sinterklaas, the people around them shop for gifts, write a little poem to accompany each one, and carefully … A beloved pastime for many Dutch families during Christmas is playing traditional games together. Receive the IamExpat Weekly and Special Offers from our Partners. Christmas in The Netherlands (referred to as Kerst or Kerstmis in Dutch) formally begins when the Sinterklaas celebrations finish on December 6th. Thank you! As the December celebrations come and go, families, shops and businesses file away their Sinterklaas paraphernalia and immediately dust off the previous year’s Dutch Christmas decorations. A decorated tree is usually one of the first decorative signs that the Christmas holiday season has arrived. In these cases, skates can often be rented. It is quite common to spend one Christmas day with one side of the family and the other day with the other side, although every family is different of course! The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, garlands, Christmas ornaments and "kerstkransjes" (Cookies or Chocolate you can hang in the tree) Dutch Christmas Food A typical Christmas dinner in Netherland includes of venison, turkey with plenty of vegetables, goose, and Kerstbrood (Christmas bread). Christmas traditions in the Netherlands Yummy Dutch is a webshop with typical Dutch products.On this page you can read all our blog posts and recipes. (yes it is! My mother was raised in England, and my grandmother in Japan. English and Japanese theatre and culture are my forte. They are also available in a straight shape and are known then as a banketstaaf. I asked my lovely friend Sally Roden, to tell me a little bit about the Christmas season in the Netherlands. Many Dutch towns and cities will put up decorations and most shops of course too. It’s a bit like a mix between a teppanyaki plate and a barbecue. Just before the holidays, you will probably see lots of commuters lugging these boxes around in public transport, having received them at the office. The sjoelbak, for instance, is a favourite that is often kept in grandfather’s attic, to be brought out come the winter holidays. The Dutch love their Christmas trees. Another ornament you might find at a Dutch Christmas market is the candle mill, a tea light or set of little candles with light metal cherubs or stars hanging above them, right next to a little bell. 25th December, is known as “Eerste Kerstdag” meaning “the first day of Christmas” while the second day, i.e. Now you know what these are and won’t be surprised when you are given one yourself! Christmas in Netherlands – Great Event; Christmas Day is a significant holiday in the Netherlands on 25th December every year. Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Christmas Days. Here is a selection of articles, news and features you may also like. The Dutch Christmas isn’t as glamorous as the holiday is in some other countries. In case you are not familiar with Dordrecht, this stunning city in South Holland is known as the “Venice of Holland.”Although the Christmas market here goes on a considerably shorter period than some other Dutch Christmas markets, the Dordrecht market has more than 300 stalls, sing-a-longs, and entertainment for all ages. The first Christmas Day, i.e. A tradition that appears in the Netherlands around Sinterklaas and Christmas time is the gratis (free) gift wrapping. It offers people the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Usually on Christmas morning (December 25th) people are having a wonderful breakfast with Almond Paste Bread, which has the funny name: kerststol in Dutch. Celebrants of Christmas decorate the trees with small electric lights and other items of adornment such as glass baubles, bells and stars. The Dutch Christmas isn’t as glamorous as the holiday is in some other countries. Many Christmas events including markets, festivals, and concerts follow his arrival. Flaky puff pastry brushed with apricot jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar encases a soft, flavorful almond paste center. December 25th and 26th, which are both observed as public holidays. Christmas Decorations Netherlands. Shopping malls are decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, and Christmas markets are held in some cities. Narrow it down to what you need for your own home, then go spread some cheer (and tinsel). Most Dutch people have a pair of ice skates primed and ready in case the local canals freeze over at Christmas time. Christmas trees at home in the Netherlands in 2019, by type; Value of U.S.Christmas tree decoration imports from China between 2008 and 2010; Christmas decorations: UK … This is one of the most loved Christmas events in the Netherlands! So many Christmas decorations center around the Christmas tree, and here at Ornament Shop we pay very close attention to unique ways to decorate your Christmas tree. With our recipes you will discover great meals, sauces and other typical dutch stuff you can make with the products from our Dutch food and products shop. Several people beautify their homes and stopover Christmas markets proceeding to Christmas Day. At home in the living room, but also in gardens and public spaces. You make me wish I were in Holland for Christmas right now. Christmas in the netherlands christmas in netherlands christmas in the netherlands dutch christmas traditions s and. © 2021 Transparent Language, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11 Things You Need To Know About Christmas In The Netherlands Dutchnews Nl A sjoelbak is a long, wooden, open box with a number of slots at the end. The traditional colors of Christmas are pine green, snow white, and heart red. This exhaustive list covers everything from the tree to that Santa mug you’ll need to find in the back of the storage closet. It could just be a gift certificate in a fancy envelope. In Amsterdam alone, around 600 Black Peters will hand out up to four tones of biscuits to children. In the last few years, natural ice has been scarce in most parts of the Netherlands. One can buy artificial trees or real pine trees. This hundreds of years old tradition is also celebrated by kindergarten students who are taught to string Christmas ornaments with their parents. Also well worth trying if you like almonds. Furthermore, Dutch also have their own Father Christmas or Santa Claus called Kerstman. In the Netherlands, he is kind of a poor relative to Sinterklaas. masuzi November 11, 2017 Uncategorized 0. More than anything, it is an occasion for the family to come together and spend some time eating tasty food, watching Christmas movies, catching up and playing games.. The season’s celebrations are as varied and unexpected as the cultures themselves, from the cagatió in Catalonia, Spain to decorating boats for Christmas in Greece. Christmas in Netherlands attracts a lot of tourists to experience the very thump of the day amidst the variety of drum bands, opera’s, Christmas carol and the midnight mass. It is possible that the text en/of (and/or) stickers will give away where your gift was purchased and you may wait quite some time with a large queue forming behind you because the cashier is typically the same person with gift wrapping responsibilities but still a nice touch, especially if you are late with buying your presents! Underneath the heated plate, there are often slots where one can insert tiny little pans to prepare miniature pancakes or omelettes to go with the stuff cooking on top of the hot plates. Sally is from The Hague in Holland, and is the mom to 3 beautiful and active boys.She wrote this piece about the beginning of Christmas in the Netherlands: St. Nicholas Day, which is celebrated around the country of the Netherlands on December 5th. Still, if you would like to try a Dutch-style Christmas, or you are celebrating Christmas with Dutch friends and family this year, here are some things you might encounter: There are various foods the Dutch can decide to prepare for Christmas, but the number one Yuletide dining experience, without a doubt, is "gourmetten". A dear teacher friend of ours wanted to share with her class what Christmas was like in the Netherlands. Kerstkransjes are not to be confused with a Kerstkrans, which is another Dutch Christmas delicacy of a circular shape. Christmas in Netherland is celebrated for two consecutive days, i.e. Dordrecht has the largest Christmas market in the Netherlands. 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