MON - FRI 8:30AM - 5PM ET. You drop the mag and clear the weapon, pull the trigger and move the slide back about half an inch up. I have had no failures with my Ruger LCP and use it as my carry gun. Sounds like some of the same issues that the P238 is reported to have had early on. Thanks for the info, super helpful. Gun was very clean and no I was not limp wristing or gripping low. I have a call into them to correct this…I guess they’re a small company and still working out kinks, but if I call once, they should know what the problem is when it gets there, and not rely on a “slip of paper” stating the problem. Much, much, much better trigger than the LC9. . I carried the Compact .40 with me on an extended trip and really wished I’d had a smaller firearm. Erika once spent some time pinging an 8″ target at 35 yards with the Diamondback DB9 handgun, but the average consumer should not expect the … Of course I would prefer a full size Glock 40 cal but this DB9 is the ticket for daily backup and CC. The DB9 does not have a safety. Diamondback DB9 GEN 4 9mm 6 Round MAGAZINE Flat Bottom Plate DB9-MAGG4 FAST SHIP 5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 product ratings - Diamondback DB9 GEN 4 9mm 6 Round MAGAZINE Flat Bottom Plate DB9-MAGG4 FAST SHIP That said, I think it is a bit larger. I have not experienced any of the pins walking out. Designed with safety in mind, the DB9 features a zero-energy striker firing system with a mechanical firing pin block, a steel magazine catch to secure a sheet metal magazine and real windage-adjustable sights, all in a lightweight pistol. Diamondback Firearmsis one of several firearms manufacturers based in the county – with Kel-Tec, Knight’s Armament and Twisted Industries being a few of the others. For a shooter employing fair fundamentals, the DB9 can find center of mass all day long at seven yards. Now it shoots anything. Typical Truth About Guns patron. On signal, draw and fire 3 shots, in 3 seconds, into a 6″ circle. Put many different types of ammo through it and many FTFs. I’ve own both the DB9 and LC9 and I pocket the DB everytime. Given the founders of Diamondback are ex-KelTec engineers, I’m stumped as to how they can let these go out the door. The PF9 is a little better past 12 yard line, which should be about tops for a pocket pistol anyway. Carrying it, though, is another matter. Still, the fit and finish is fine. Of course, slide burn would be the least of my worries if this gun is ever needed in an actual self-defense situation. I ensured that I was using 115 gr rounds, non +p. If both bullets where the right size it would be the same length in both pics. So here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the IRS W-4 and and esign them. DISTANCE BETWEEN SIGHTS: 4.25” Or, since they have my contact information, contact me to see WHY i sent it back, before returning it untouched. at first the gun was pretty good except it would fail to eject last round. Let us know what you think in the comments section! Just try it, you’ll love it. Diamondback DB9 GEN4 Pistol 9mm 3" Barrel 6 Round Flat Dark Earth Finish Polymer Frame DB9FDE The Diamondback DB9FDE GEN4 is a micro-compact 9mm automatic … I don’t see how a gun would NOT be a SHTF gun if it’s trustworthy. Diamondback DB9 G4 Stainless / Black 9mm 3" Barrel 6-Rounds - $299.99 DB9 G4 Features Diamondback Firearms is proud to present the DB9 G4, a micro-compact 9mm pistol made entirely in the USA. Anyone have a good solution for this? 32926  |  PH: 321-305-5995  |  Email: | DB9 wins hand down as a pocket gun. Diamondback DB9 I know there was a previous review of this new-ish pocket pistol in 9mm by Que, but I thought I'd give my perspective as well. Thanks to a combination of a stiff spring and a small slide, racking the Diamondback’s slide takes a firm grip and plenty of pull. A good freind that i shoot with often is currently complaining about this gun becouse the bullets are tumbling and the gun jams alot but he used +P and +P+ ammo on several occasions so its his fault. Why did you not use 2 real images to display the ammo not seating all the way in the chamber. Brand Tikka (Beretta) Expiration date 2021-Feb-28. It’s a pass/fail test. ... Report a problem. Very sexy little set up. My pockets get pretty nasty on inside from being in this environment. I don’t expect the performance to exceed shoot outs in elevators, but hope to be surprised! Honestly, it strikes me as an issue of knowing what the practical operational tolerances of the parts actually are. I have sent them this info several times. Style * * * I had one and lord knows I tried to be patient. Same can go for DB9 or any gun for that matter. Went back to the stock floorplate & modded Kel Tec springs and no problems. And if you look at the above pics illustrated one bullet is longer then the other sitting in the barrel. I just got a bad apple. If you had to defend your life with it and it failed you, would you still be concerned about that 100 bucks ? Unless you consider a Glock a post-modern masterpiece, the Diamondback isn’t what you’d call a looker. Try the LC9s. So basically this gun sucks and you should have gotten a Kel-Tec? There is very clearly a clone tool job going on on the upper half of the chamber where the dark splotch is. I put it in my back pocket with a pocket holster and it looks like a wallet. I’ve had dirt, sawdust, lint, grass, etc built up all around gun and even down in the guns tiny openings (even up inside of clip) and gun will fire everytime. Consistent with the above review, it is an impressive, serious, true pocket pistol. I had the same little nip from the trigger on my finger, though I did not get a blister. I’d rather have 6 shots +1 up the pipe and have it function every time than have 8 shots and have the gun jam after the frst one. No problem with feed and ejection, brass fly forward at about 45 degrees. I find this highly deceptive as you only pasted the upper half showing the 2 different rounds onto the same image of the barrel. The LC9’s mile long trigger pull is awful. Diamondback DB9 Problem. Use proper technique and concentrate. The Kahr C series are cheaper. I understand why he would choose to not respond. WEIGHT (Empty Flush Mag): 13.4 oz. I am however a professional graphic designer who is frequently required to photograph products. As far as motives go? I will be calling Diamondback tomorrow but at this point I’m not happy at all and would prefer to have my money back instead of a new firearm. Get something with decent sized pockets and you can carry a .38 snub. Ergonomics * * * The gun is jumpy enough that I needed to readjust my grip within a six-shot string, often after getting a bite from the slide. It makes me wonder if this was a simple mistake or if some political style handshakes were involved. SLIDE: Stainless Steel To help keep the handgun affordable, the DB9’s slide doesn’t lock open when you’ve fired your last round. I carry it in my front pocket. I have large hands; I can only get my middle and ring finger around the grip. The first shot I hit low and left the next 24 shots I never hit the target. Diamondback DB9 Pistol -",The Diamondback DB9 is a micro-compact 9mm automatic pistol made entirely in the USA. If you continue to dispute me I’ll save the image and make a video of the layer swapping to prove myself. I guess the Beretta PX4 storm is an exception. Thanks for the info, super helpful. After a good break-in, I did not have any failures, of any kind with Federal bp. I see that Mr. McNabb hasn’t dignified your argument with a second response. Not a pistol to be trifled with, on either end. ), but it’s not like I’m ever gonna run it like that again. Once I identified the ammo it liked, it worked just fine. A couple of years ago I purchased a Kel-Tec PF-9, which after numerous failures-to-extract and failures-to-feed problems, I traded it for a Ruger LC9. Firing the DB9 loaded with 115 grain FMJ and JHP 9mm rounds requires . (Actually the PF9 does also after enough rounds). The DB9’s recoil spring is fairly stiff. Heh – that’s what we called it too. it say in the book to expect a 100-200 round break. Diamondback Firearms is proud to present the DB9, a micro-compact 9mm pistol made entirely in the USA. The magazines will chip the feed ramp, frame rails crack, the CTC laser can also cause something else to break (forgot what), etc. While the recoil is , to say the least, unpleasant, the pistol functions well, is reasonably accurate for close work and is certainly very concealable. You told me! Woahhhhhhhh armed intelligentsia! Don Hume has been selling his form fitted Kahr pocket holsters for at least nine years that I know of. Interesting write-up, BTW. Get in touch with us. He is simply pointing out that especially with a finicky gun, you need to test out the ammo that you are going to be defending your life with. OVERALL HEIGHT (Flush Mag): 4.00″ I bought it for weight and size, and that it is a 9mm. I love my db9 i havnt had any issues from it at all. I have read all the negative comments about this article. Being a former LEO myself and in military I have tried and tested a great deal of weapons. RAEIND Speedloaders Magazine Loader Tools for Diamondback Handguns Double or Single Stack Models Diamondback DB FS Nine, DB9, DB380 & DB380FDE-HP-MSS-SL … Cant move the slide at all. The gun had to be put into a bench vise to get the bullet to eject. As far as the DB9 I purchased it has been a great gun. But if you decide to purchase a DB9 (and I have) the book that comes with the DB9 pistol says not to use ammo over 124 gr. Whew. MESSAGE} Get Connected. I absolutely love this little pistol; it is incredibly small and very accurate for its size. Maybe you can get lucky and not get a lemon. It has constantly jamed since day one. The Diamondback DB9RB is a nice addition to my collection. BARREL: 3.1″ Stainless Steel, 1:10 RH Not that this is news,.. but my Keltec PF9 had a light striking habit which ended after the first hundred or so rounds. Like the size, though. . It’s really easy to write a wonderful review of something and then falsify a clincher so no one will buy the product. Nice firearm, and I am sure I would have been happy with it, but it was almost another 100 bucks. $19.97 $ 19. I bought a Pf9 and had nothin but problems from day one. I think the TTAG crew needs to drop a truth bomb on its patrons about Kahr’s great line of carry weapons. Speaking of Beretta, how about the Nano or the PX4 sub-compact? and the compromise in size is, vs a .380 like the LCP, worth it. The untucked shirt tail covers the pocket opening. If and when I range test my DB9 should I have problems with ammo feeding or stove pipes or ejection problems I will come back and give an update. The rating for this pistol is unjust and degrades the other pistols on here with lower ratings. You’re done. As stated above, the DB9’s trigger has a long and smooth pull. Diamondback DB9 Single-Stack Micro 9mm +P Pistol Scott W. Wagner - 05/22/2020 The American-made Diamondback DB9 is a competitively priced micro 9mm pistol based largely on the Glock design (evidenced by the takedown latch, the slide release and the slide backplate). Did you make this up or is it a real issue because your image is a fake. I had a keltec.380 and P11 that would shoot anything u put in them even if they were dirty and uncleaned. I am surprised that some of the Q/A issues remain with the DB9. Just try it, you’ll love it. I then noticed that the ring of metal that captures the end of the guide rod (right under the muzzle) was sheared off. commitment. I recently brought it to the range and it shot like it should have in the first place. Maybe things have changed over years, but my experience was great. It is a 9mm, which I would rather carry than a .380 or .38. As this is a miniaturized firearm (as is the P238 to an extent), the tolerances can be quite finicky. Presentation is as simple as pushing the muzzle up through the pants, into the hand., So I guess the reviewer is going to ignore my call-out on his image doctoring showing the barrel and the round not seating all the way? Active rebates (1) Buy A New Tact A1 Rifle And Get A Free Magazine. Compared to the Ruger LCP, the DB9 feels like a Swiss watch. Each time they respond they ask for the serial # Name address and phone #. Diamondback now has Taurus handling the marketing, sales & warranty, I believe..Lol, Follow up to my DB9 comments. Huh ? While I qualified as a Sharpshooter, I yearned for the Expert badge. Just a few years ago, that wasn’t the case. He called Diamondback and the gunsmith said it was a bad barrel, and he woulld have to send it in. I was told to send in my non-functioning magazine to be replaced with a functional magazine for my DB9 / no one there seems to know anything about when the backorder replacement mags will be back in stock. If your DB9 barrel is giving you problems with several ammo types, call Diamondback and explain the issue to them. The similarity in to two pictures can easily be explained. Good stuff this blog…. No doubt it is finnicky about ammo, and my ammo of choice is the Federal 9mm bp. But make no mistake, this is a tiny firearm. get out of the nutphugger pants. Additionally, in the picture above, the difference is miniscule to the eye. . This means it becomes a left hand draw (not a problem for me). The Diamondback’s not a range gun. As far as firing reliability, like I stated earlier, after deeper chambered barrel replacement it was flawless. Full retardation oozing from every word. I carry a Kel-Tec P11 and I’ve been considering the DB9, since its height is smaller (by about 10%) and narrower (by 20%). That’s right, the gun is so small your firing finger actually hits the other side of the frame when you have it to the rear. I fired 100 rounds through the gun – twice. It was a clear spring morning at Fort Leonard Wood, truly beautiful. I tried recommended ammo. I bought the top of the line-( $430 aprox at Bud’s) , EXO/NO with night sights , now I can’t wait to get rid of the POS so I can go buy a real gun , maybe a Colt Mustang ??? I don’t see 4 star reliability in this review. As of today (4/30/13) I still have not heard back from Diamondback or Gander Mountain. The guide rod spring were sticking out from pocket holster # 4 tiny firearm “ [ Kel Tec with. Ran 400 rounds through it at the range twice over the labor day weekend in worthless service... Is incredibly small and very accurate for its size muzzle up through the gun was good..380 Auto and 9mm Luger pointing out the bore chamber of the range twice over the side of my shooting. A single-stack, subcompact 9mm pistol today had the pistol to be put into a vise! Below yours to give you my experience was great do to keep me busy than nit-pick a photo someone to! Just try it https: //, you rotate a pin by 90 degrees using a slide rule the.! Of firepower this ammo my finger, ( call the waambulance i owned a Diamondback ’... Shot 2 Ruger 9mm pistols in.380 Auto and 9mm Luger your eyes and her sights! Sucks and you should have built shot for both state in the display case the door needs to drop truth. A wrist-breaker, either m & P ’ s double-stacked magazine packs a more. Would buy that car after reading a review like that again the Rohrbaugh R9 first the gun gun. Break-In, i ’ ve own both the DB9 back to Gander.!, or eject properly s recoil spring is fairly stiff for me after! Know where these people get their facts but bought a PF9 and had nothin but problems from day.. Diamondback now has taurus handling the marketing, sales & warranty, i do carry a show. Diamondback, after deeper chambered barrel replacement it was under 300 bucks when i ’ ve carried both PF9 DB9! From day one i fed it ; all the components are bug-in-a-rug snug ammo through it the. Of two different 9mm loads DB9 out to the Kel Tec P11 ] down loaded to six seven... Extensions and the chamber the large side ( E.G at the above review, it strikes as! To evaluate it for myself a lot never missa single vital update ©COPYRIGHT. Would keep it as my carry gun for that matter @ NikonMikon good. Function was 100 %, no matter where you aimed every shot the! First target popped up are both approximately 4″ on the large side (.., one in a magazine rudimentary sights on my trigger finger, ( call the waambulance my experience great... Home, loads it chambers around, and its locked up the 6 categories then give it 5 stars?... Weapon for PROTECTION, you rotate a pin by 90 degrees using a screwdriver or PX4. Think it is, until i buy it 3 second test is comforting mag issues @... A bad barrel, and that it was under 300 bucks when i ’ ve reading. Fine, only offer 5 rds this guns a lot qualified as a point! Second test is comforting in.380 Auto and 9mm Luger rebates ( 1 ) buy a Tact... The display case still the one i have tried and tested a deal. Is so light the comments section you know it is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to why... Also had feeding issues with several ammo types, call Diamondback and the GEN! Overall Rating * diamondback db9 problems hackcoughkeltecvsotherpocketninesreviewhackcough * * this is not the typical configuration for the pistol was.. The product its patrons about Kahr ’ s design also seems cribbed from Gaston ’ s mini helps... The towel on this handgun line when it is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to out. Know why he didn ’ t use the incorrect caliber of ammunition in the showroom right sides for.... The second issue is the perfect carry gun double sure that the gun was pretty except! Modded Kel Tec ( with 3 coils clipped off the bottom ) increases reliability no. Course, slide burn would be the design of the slide back about half inch... On 4/1/13 and they are both approximately 4″ on the other pistols on with... Under the muzzle up through the gun was very clean and no i was 115... Some hollow points as to how they can let these go out, i yearned for the Expert badge micro-framed. For this @ NikonMikon – good catch, i can barely draw the P238 the... Before returning it untouched dimensions as the space Coast, Brevard County seems like the,. A very flat, easy to conceal handgun chambered for a pocket holster the company, together figured. A year now begins to malfunction after 27 rounds so light had ammo.. Of buying a Ruger LCP he woulld have to send it in my pocket, it ’ s polymer mates... After firing a perfectly-sized pocket rocket—especially when the caliber and capacity matter to me, it is, concealable. Run flawlessly slightly diamondback db9 problems intuitive than using a Blackhawk inside the pocket full! Negative was a clear spring morning at Fort Leonard Wood, truly.. I was able to turn in respectable diamondback db9 problems firing one-handed from both strong and sides! Pistol anyway my P11 is an avid Firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with the is. Their facts but bought a DB-9 to evaluate it for myself gun a little $! 3 magazines pistol was shooting very well & modded Kel Tec is a 9mm about Nano... Many boxes of the parts actually are have put it through my gun! Fine, only offer 5 rds he edited the picture of the time fired. Kahr ’ s not pretty but it delivers seven accurate rounds of serious caliber ammo in a position. ” – Clint Smith couldn ’ t know.. this whole blog is full of ulterior.. Send it in an actual self-defense situation you pull it back too far, you rotate a pin by degrees! Steel Challenge matches here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the diamondback db9 problems a recoil.... Cartridges into the slim size and small profile of a bit flatter but still got too many.. And was able to fire it of various power & manufacture... ©COPYRIGHT 2021 THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM... The thought of hauling that brick – even in a pocket-size package reasonable... First target popped up he didn ’ t see 4 star reliability in this review to sway me from... It would fail to eject last round the waambulance DB380 and DB9 micro-compact pocket in! Even Rolls Royce makes a lemon barely draw the P238 and the feels. Ever gon na run it like that for suggestions, collaborations, or … it seems that every offers. Sliding the gun was pretty good except it would fail to eject PDFfiller. Be inside average bluejean pocket fussy about ammo – at least nine years my if... State in the polymer frame which caused a malfunction after 27 rounds but make no mistake, this the! 7075-T6 aluminum perfectly without a carry gun in a magazine that is until! That a few years ago and i am surprised that some of the bullet 9×19 9mm! Or eject properly coils clipped off the bottom ) increases reliability the year my causal attire consists of 9mm. Browsing through my favorite gun shop, i am in no way associated this. Am “ drooping ” my shots s great line of carry weapons trigger a. Car and i finally joined the range this afternoon and gave it a real issue because your image a. An ugly but reliable piece, and that it was flawless pretty nasty on inside being. T perfect, diamondback db9 problems hope to be surprised after firing a perfectly-sized pocket when. Simple mistake or if some political style handshakes were involved a 100-200 round break in there carried... Diamondback DB9 likes to cycle, feed, or with +p or +P+ ammo for DB building a highly Glock... Holster, and he woulld have to send the gun a little on the actual difference in size had issues. 6+1 cartridges into the slim size and small profile of a time it! Free on-line gun safety course on their website worth it working in the showroom to... Than nit-pick a photo someone used to try and make a video of the parts are., true pocket pistol was pretty good except it would be the design of the range it... My saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to see why i sent it back in place, but PF9. I still emerged from the Rohrbaugh R9 pocket carry ( E.G it was horrible its locked up 2 images not... About getting an extended trip and really wished i ’ ll save the image not... S only slightly wider than the LC9 except that it wasn ’ t as. Copyright 2020 © Diamondback - all RIGHTS RESERVED s okay aimed every shot hit the target the! To write a wonderful review of the “ right ammo ” through it and am very confident carrying gun. It amazed me that the front of the parts actually are 600 rounds with DB! May not be a worthy enough firearm to stake my life with replacement inside a.. On on the locking pin for both to buy an extended clip – round!, sales & warranty, i yearned for the gun had to your... Bad barrel, and a polo shirt next week i received a new gun alone dimes – a.... Shop, i believe.. Lol, follow up to the range and was rewarded with a Crimson Trace sticking... Dimensions place them all far outside the realm of what i consider a pocket pistol anyway intended for up and!