Many pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic versions of the heart medications subject to a widespread FDA recall are based in India and China. Yesterday, I noticed hair loss on my arms and my blood pressure is elevated. It was around 150/98, and she measured in different arms manually and with the automatic cuff. Teva Pharmaceuticals made Losartan Potassium USP tablets in 25mg and 100mg strengths for Golden State Medical Supply, according to the Teva-written, FDA-posted recall notice. I went to Dr. 2 weeks ago for a sinus infection and I could feel my bp go up sky high 3/4 of a mile away from office . The recall affects Losartan Potassium Tablets, USP, 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg Due to the Detection of Trace Amounts of N-Nitroso N-Methyl 4-amino butyric acid (NMBA) Impurity found in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), FDA said. Terrible headache, palpitations, feeling really knackered. Class 3 Recall: Using the drug is not likely to cause adverse health consequences. The affected product was distributed nationwide on or after October 8, 2018. I have never had any of these symptoms before taking the drug. I feel absolutely horrible with fatigue, shortness of breath and overall feeling of uneasiness.”, For High Blood Pressure: “Was put on losartan (green pill) back in 2018. I am going to talk to him and see if he can put me back on 1/2 pill a day.”, For High Blood Pressure: “I've been on the Losartan 50mg for five days. I also have the constant buzzing in my ears and blurred vision. Vivimed Life Sciences issued a recall for 19 lots of losartan potassium tablets after detecting a potentially carcinogenic impurity. I don’t recommend anyone take this medication. I had to take time off from work, there was no way I could work. If it were up to me, I would outlaw losartan.”, For High Blood Pressure: “Kept having increased BP issues. E 47 (Losartan Potassium 100 mg) Pill with imprint E 47 is Green, Elliptical / Oval and has been identified as Losartan Potassium 100 mg. ?”, For High Blood Pressure: “I have High BP and left ventricular hypertrophy and losartan is effective in treating ventricular hypertrophy. Many pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic versions of the heart medications subject to a widespread FDA recall are based in India and China. Losartan . Not so bad now.”, Cozaar (losartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I had a heart attack and 3 stents put in around the fall of 2013. The higher the dose the higher it went, ended up in the ER. Originally the company recalled 10 lots of the medication. The recall affects less than 1% of the national losartan drug products. P meds. I started getting severe anxiety, to the point where I couldn’t work my job. Patient reviews of Losartan - Page . My blood pressure was never below 157/94. Information. See what others have said about , including the effectiveness, ease of use and side effects. Teva – Recall of losartan • On June 11, 2019, the FDA announced a consumer-level recall of Teva’s losartan tablets due to the detection of an impurity, N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid (NMBA), that is above the FDA’s interim acceptable exposure limit of 9.82 ppm. Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. Was on 1/2 a 25mg for 2 weeks, didn't do much to my BP, then went to the full 25mg pill and in TWO DAYS I can't see straight (blurry vision! I started drinking a sugar drink like soda when I felt that way and 20-30 minutes I would feel better. Camber Pharmaceuticals is voluntarily recalling 87 lots of the blood pressure drug Losartan due to traces of a potential carcinogen. Reviews may be moderated or edited before publication to correct grammar and spelling or to remove inappropriate language and content. © Copyright ASC COMMUNICATIONS 2021. Seems to be working but I do notice at my blood pressure is about 145/90 so it seems to wear off and not last the full 24 hours. It is also used to lower the risk of strokes in patients with high blood pressure and an enlarged heart. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is expanding its recall for Losartan Potassium Tablets USP and Losartan Potassium/hydrochlorothiazide tablets, … I had side effects of severe panic attacks, increased heart rate, blurred vision, severe insomnia, debilitating diarrhea, blood pressure actually read higher. I feel all day as if I'd really rather just go back to bed. I don't live in fear anymore, and have more energy not taking Corgard which makes you fatigue...”, For High Blood Pressure: “Took losartan 50mg for three days for high blood pressure. The recalled losartan and potassium/hydrochlorothiazide combination tablets contained small amounts of N-nitrosodiethylamine, or NDEA, according … Login Register . This med hurt me instead of helped me.”, For High Blood Pressure: “Lozartan caused severe anxiety and insomnia. Losartan Recall Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock Health. Can't say if it is do to medication or other factors though.”, For High Blood Pressure: “Like many of the poor reviews on here, I had a similar experience. I felt like it was the end of me. I am lucky I can even sleep at night. View our policies by clicking here. Copyright © 2021 Becker's Healthcare. In general, losartan is a safe drug. Interested in linking to or reprinting our content? User Reviews for Losartan. The last day I took it before stopping, I had a 30 minute episode where I sobbed uncontrollably and was shaking. My BP was great. Valsartan Recall FAQs Is There a Diovan Recall? Had to have my heart stopped and revived to reset it last time. I looked it up and found that is has to be this medicine . The impurity is N … received an overall rating of 4 out of 10 stars from 127 reviews. Before releasing Losartan Recall Lot Numbers List, we have done researches, studied market research and reviewed customer feedback so the information we provide is the latest at that moment. Tainted Losartan Recalled Due to Presence of Carcinogen. The recall involves losartan and potassium/hydrochlorothiazide combination pills found to contain N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid, or NMBA, according to a notice posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It seems that depending on a certain enzyme one's body produces, this medicine either Works Great, Or Not at all from my studies. I'm normally very active and upbeat, but now everything seems like such an effort. I also have rare episodes of supraventricular tachardia in which the heart pulse goes as high as 250 beats a minute, with skips. 2017-08-15 Person. I agree with other commenters, no drug is without issues for many patients, but this fits my needs and I am very satisfied with the results. Losartan comes only as an oral tablet. More articles on pharmacy:Insys execs guilty of opioid racketeering schemeWalgreens shaking up C-suiteGeneric drugmakers could thrive in a recession, Moody's says. Works wonders for some folks, but I unfortunately had a bad reaction to it,”, For High Blood Pressure: “OMG I can't take this stuff. Read reviews from GoodRx users who have taken Cozaar and find the latest news on the drug. The recall did not include all batches (also called lots) of these medications, so you need to check your prescription label to see if yours is affected. When will these symptoms go away?? Since the revelation that Zhejiang Huahai’s valsartan contained NDMA, the FDA has repeatedly updated the recall notice as new samples of valsartan—and even … The impurity is N … All Rights Reserved. Please try it and let me know if it helps. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has expanded its recall of losartan potassium and losartan potassium/hydrochlorothiazide tablets. She put me on Losartan and for over ONE week, I don't feel my heart pounding, my BP averages 110/73 taken 3 different times a day, no skips, feel 30 years younger on the lowest dosage 25mg. Blurred vision. I already am on 100mg of atenolol, and now he added 100mg of Losartan. To cope with this growing problem, the FDA has expedited the review of additional ARB products. The affected products come in 25, 50 and 100 milligram doses. The products in the latest Losartan recall include: - Losartan Potassium Tablets, USP 50mg, 1000 count, expiring 12/31/2020 - Losartan Potassium Tablets, USP 100mg, 90 count, expiring 12/31/2020 Analytics of FDA Adverse Event Reports Provided by Reviews. Last checkup doctor measured 162/100, even after doubling Corgard. NDEA is classified as a probable human carcinogen. * Drug Recall Class Class 1 Recall: Reasonable probability that using the drug will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. Teva Pharmaceuticals made Losartan Potassium USP tablets in 25mg and 100mg strengths for Golden State Medical Supply, according to the Teva-written, FDA-posted recall notice. I am going to start cutting that losartan in half, it causes me weakness, in my arms/legs, lightheadedness, a feeling of "Flying" blah, all day. ?NP and I are monitoring blood pressure, it has been fine hasn't spiked at all since I've stopped losartan. The FDA has announced a voluntary recall of Losartan Potassium by Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, LLC. This information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. The recall did not include all batches (also called lots) of these medications, so you need to check your prescription label to see if yours is affected. I am still feeling grotty ended up in A&E all stats ok but worried about irregular heart beat. Lower legs feel like pins and needles, and numbness. Stopped taking it and it came back down”, For High Blood Pressure: “Have been on Losartan 50mg for 3 months blood pressure decreased to 138/85 from 155/98. Valsartan Recall FAQs Is There a Diovan Recall? FDA alerts patients and health care professionals to Sandoz’s losartan potassium and hydrochlorothiazide recall of one lot due to NDEA. The losartan potassium tablets were found to have unacceptable amounts of N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid. The expanded recall includes an additional three lots of losartan potassium tablets USP and two lots of losartan potassium/hydrochlorothiazide tablets. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners. Average ratings. To date, no injuries or other adverse events have been associated with the recalled medicine. Started back, one night I woke up with HR of 165, had to call 911. It is scary when you get that nervousness feeling. 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I might add that I am very active and get lots of exercise. Vivimed announced its recall May 3. User Reviews for Losartan to treat High Blood Pressure Also known as: Cozaar Losartan has an average rating of 4.7 out of 10 from a total of 397 ratings for the treatment of High Blood Pressure. I was on Losartan for about 9 days and it made me feel terrible. Been off it two days vision is a lot better. And this was only 25 mg pills. So bad I had to take Zoloft for around 3 months. Drinking lots of water is important and not eating too much potassium rich foods.”, For High Blood Pressure: “I have been taking Losartan 50mg tabs for almost one year. The Doctors and pharmacist have no clue about the side affects. 27% of those users who reviewed Losartan reported a positive effect, while 46% reported a negative effect. I had drowsiness, no energy, a headache every day (which prompted me to take a bunch of Imitrex too), and I was irritable. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Losartan is an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) drug, also known as a “sartan.” Sartans are a class of drugs used to treat patients with high blood pressure to help prevent heart attacks and stroke. 5 COVID-19 questions answered, Sanford Health CEO: I've had COVID-19, won't wear a mask as 'symbolic gesture', 10 best hospitals for cancer care, ranked by US News & World Report, Neck gaiters, bandanas more harmful than not wearing a mask, Duke study suggests, Former Tennessee hospital CEO says he was asked to resign after participating in surgery, Meet the 13 members of Biden's COVID-19 task force, 900+ Mayo Clinic workers diagnosed with COVID-19 in past 2 weeks, Trump signs executive orders on healthcare: 6 things to know, Staff at hospitals in DC, Texas turn down COVID-19 vaccine, 100 of the largest hospitals and health systems in America | 2020, Massachusetts hospital COVID-19 outbreak may be tied to employees eating together, COVID-19 patients most infectious 2 days before, 5 days after symptoms emerge, analysis finds, 26 hospitals bringing back furloughed employees, Utah hospital stops conspiracy theorists attempting to sneak in, disprove ICU capacity claims, Most successful vaccine rollouts in US: 4 state strategies, Sam's Club launches $1 telehealth visits for members: 7 details, Ballad dismisses cardiothoracic surgeon who asked CEO to make incision on patient, New York hospital exec disappointed after staff cut the line for COVID-19 vaccine, 50 top teaching hospitals in the US, ranked by Washington Monthly Magazine, Kamala Harris on healthcare: 6 things to know about her policy positions, Pfizer vs. Moderna COVID-19 vaccine: What's the same & what's different, Trump preparing healthcare executive orders: 4 things to know, Trump adds Dr. Scott Atlas to coronavirus task force: 5 things to know about him, US News' Best Hospitals 2020-21 Honor Roll, UnitedHealth accused of illegally deflating reimbursements, 'We are about to enter COVID hell': Experts warn of most dangerous surge yet, Health officials investigating death of Miami physician shortly after getting Pfizer vaccine, 6 hospital ransomware attacks in 24 hours prompts US advisory: 8 things to know, Insys execs guilty of opioid racketeering scheme, Generic drugmakers could thrive in a recession, Moody's says, How Video is Shaping the Future of Telemedicine, Why great technology is not enough: 5 steps to scaling white-glove service and support. My side effect symptoms were so intense I was bedridden. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Did not control BP, was switched to white pill, 50 mg. After 2 weeks off losartan I had to wean other medications and now take HCTZ once or twice a week if needed. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Cancer Risk Prompts Expanded Blood Pressure Drug Recall - News 9. Fetal ToxicityPregnancy Category DUse of drugs that act on the renin-angiotensin system during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy reduces renal function and increases fetal and neonatal morbidity and death. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 6 Jan 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 4 Jan 2021), ASHP (updated 6 Jan 2021) and others. The recall included both losartan potassium tablets USP and combination tablets containing both losartan and hydrochlorothiazide. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited has expanded its recall of Losartan potassium tablets USP. So now I have to taper off this JUNK to avoid rebound!!! Losartan is a prescription drug used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).

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