You can’t accuse this pastry to be a light treat. Egyptian Food Falafel – Egyptian Food. I find my own memories associated with that dish to be pretty similar if not identical to Emy’s. The kiosks scattered along the corniche of Alexandria served savory and sweet Feteer Meshaltet around the clock which rendered the attempt of homemade versions time and energy waste. Using your hands is the best tool for this one. There are lots of kinds of feteer; both sweet and savory, and feteer meshaltet is one special type. 1 feteera. Article by AnnSophia Mansour. 5% 20g Protein. Top cheese feteer recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from Probably that is a compelling silver lining of COVID-19. Lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily. Remove from heat and let it cool down. Bake in 350 degree oven until the top becomes a light brown. Some argue that this pastry recipe is as old as Egypt itself. Knead the butter and the mix with your fingers until the mix becomes small pieces. It’s sold today with diverse stuffings, both savoury and sweet. Fetir meshaltet is an Egyptian delicacy consisting of flaky layered pastry which can be plain or filled with various sweet or savory ingredients such as ground beef, cheese, halwa, chocolate, or raisins. The most popular sweet feteer is with milk and honey, sprinkled with white sugar powder. The fillings can be both sweet or savory. The bakers purposefully impressed the long waiting line of customers with their unmatched speed and impressive show of throwing and spinning the layers of pastry dough high in the air and picking them with the tips of their fingers before the flying disk of dough lands on their counter. Roll out the dough to 1/2 centimeter (1/3 an inch) with a rolling pin. Feteer Meshaltit - 2480 calories. Egyptian Feteer Meshaltet. This is one of the oldest Egyptian foods that goes back thousands of years and was found in some Pharaonic tombs. Personally speaking, nothing is better associated with my childhood summertime in Alexandria, Egypt rather than Feteer Meshlatet (flaky Egyptian pastry) with both it’s savory and sweet versions. Sprinkle flour on the dough while rolling the dough to prevent the dough from sticking to the board. What does feteer meshaltet mean? We could say that the feteer is a combination of pizza and pancake. May 24, 2018 - Explore Smack Spice's board "Healthy Egyptian Cuisine", followed by 409 people on Pinterest. Serving the best authentic Egyptian dishes. 46% 75g Fat. You can’t rush the process! It consists of many thin layers of dough and ghee and an optional filling. Her account of watching the seasoned bakers shape and bake the pastry was an experience in itself. Mum Feteer, located in the heart of Astoria's Steinway community, specializes in the iconic and traditional Egyptian feteer, a pastry-like flaky pie handmade and stretched to perfection by feteer master Ahmed Saber from Alexandria, Egypt. If you ever find yourself in Egypt, never skimp on this unique experience of eating feteer helw and watching how it is made. Calories: 294.6 kcal | Carbohydrates: 42.5 g | Protein: 7.4 g | Fat: 10.8 g | Cholesterol: 34.3 mg | Sodium: 37.1 mg | Potassium: 180.2 mg | Fiber: 1.7 g | Sugar: 12.1 g | Vitamin A: 125 IU | Vitamin C: 0.1 mg | Calcium: 51 mg Updated Feteer Meshaltet Recipe and Video Posted on May 9, 2020 July 22, 2020 by Sally Elias Feteer meshaltet or fiteer is a popular Egyptian street … Koshari, or koshary, comes from an Indian dish of lentils and rice cooked by the British settlers in Egypt back in the… iamladytrinity has uploaded 144 photos to Flickr. Let the journey begin! Roll out each piece until it becomes very very thin. Double Big Tasty - 1,300 calories. 1,500 Cal. We will end up with two rounded feteer each made with 3or 4 of the dough balls. The simple pleasure of cooking, sharing, and savoring childhood dishes was a game-changer during my quarantine journey. alternatively, use your hands, they are the best tool for this one. Fiteer (pie) or feteer meshaltet is a mix of flour, ghee and other ingredients, baked in the oven together to form a layered pie that leaves you with a heavenly taste. Let the syrup simmer for 5 minutes. This joyful and evocative cooking attempt was made possible thanks to Emy Lotfy, a talented cake artist and Instagramer who shared her foolproof recipe on the platform of Elnamleya, a Facebook Egyptian cooking club that challenges its members every month with an A-class recipe. According to some resources, this pastry was made by ancient Egyptians and offered as an oblation to the pharaohs worshiped gods back then. According to this pastry experts, avoid using an electric mixer as it would render the dough stiff and hard to roll out and stretch. Common bread includes Bataw – Eish Baladi- Eish fino -Eish Merahrah- Eish Shamsi – Feteer Meshaltet… It is served with white honey and fresh cream, black honey and tahini, or Egyptian cheese. MAIN DISHES. Place one dough at a time in the tray. Sign Up. Commonly referred to as Feteer, or Fiteer, this dish reminds me of Greek Tiropita. It dates back to Gamal Abd El-Nasser era. That's enough to be a punchline; 'yo mama so fat, she eats feteer'. … Homemade Homemade - Feteer Meshaltet (Egyptian) Serving Size : 1 feteera. Fancy desires retired to the backburner while simple pleasures powerfully resurfaced to bring in happiness and instant gratification. According to some resources, this pastry was made by ancient Egyptians and offered as an oblation to the pharaohs' worshiped gods back then. The fillings can be both sweet or savory. To prevent the dough from sticking to the cutting board: Add a little water gradually. Features: Outdoor seating iamladytrinity has uploaded 144 photos to Flickr. Avoid using an electric mixer as it would render the dough stiff and hard to roll out and stretch. Please grab your  cardamom coffee or mint tea and join me in my Egyptian Kitchen.

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