The softer skills won't necessarily come from a marketing degree, but there are a number of courses you can take to help with this. These students take courses in subjects such as public policy ethics, philanthropy, policy development and implementation and civic leadership. Earning a double major demonstrates that you are motivated, hard-working, and determined. The double degree gives you the opportunity to explore your interests in more than one area, and broadens your career options. I want to do Marketing, but something more along the lines of Marketing Research or management, as opposed to sales. Double Major. If you are developing a physical product/widget you are going to want marketing. Criminal profilers have job duties such as analyzing crime scene information to develop leads on suspects, writing reports, testifying in court and working closely with attorneys and law enforcement officers. 6 Double Majors with Serious Career Growth Potential. The job duties of political scientists include researching political issues and writing reports and presentations based on the information they find, collecting public opinion and election data, looking at how the law affects people's daily lives and making predictions about political trends. Marketing; The courses for a double major are listed on this page. A double major also shows your expertise in two fields instead of one. While it seems like more of a natural career path for journalism students, rather than business majors, those who double major in these two disciplines learn skills that they can use to work as reporters, correspondents and broadcast news analysts -- namely the ability to write and speak effectively, manage time, think critically and understand why people react to different situations the way they do. There is nothing about the marketing profession that requires a university major in Marketing -- that's such a wasted opportunity, and you can be sure the great iconic marketers don't have degrees in it. This fall I will be starting college in a very prestigious school. The Economics and Finance Double Major Degree prepares you to master the skills needed to excel in your chosen career. In other cases, students can prepare for a career by double majoring in disciplines that, on the surface, seem like polar opposites. "Double Majors Do Double Duty," Fastweb, Accessed October 25, 2014,, "Should You Consider Multiple Majors or Minors? SKIP THE MARKETING, a double major in Econ + Accounting would be awesome. Please note that this degree path is a B.A. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Entrepreneur community. Double majors are normally awarded within the same school or department. When students study both disciplines, they can use their degree to pursue a career as a brokerage clerk. Anthropologists develop hypotheses about nature and culture and conduct field research to test them; report on research findings; and give organizations advice on policies and programs. I doubled in computer science and economics. Double majors are normally awarded within the same school or department. My experience is that many businesses want to slot employees into standardized boxes. Environmental scientists and specialists perform job duties such as collecting and analyzing environmental data, creating plans for environmental problems and preparing reports. Requirements for the Double Major: Economics and Political Science. Although you can combine almost any two Lerner majors, some of the most popular combinations are: Accounting and finance. I also agree with you however I have one problem with it. Conjoint programmes. Students who double major in criminal justice and psychology get skills that they can use to pursue a career as a trial consultant -- such as communication, data analysis and public speaking abilities. A lot easier to enter the market get investment and disrupt the market. If you were to get a double major I'd get something that's actually quite different. Professionals in this field earn a median annual salary of $66,250 based on May 2014 BLS numbers. Extremely important. It can also be beneficial in the professional world, as many organizations may see candidates who complete two majors as especially hard working and equipped with a multifaceted array of skills. The 5 Most Intimidating Majors with $100K Potential. I would consider quantitative/technical coursework like Applied Statistics/Economics and Computer Science/Management Information Systems. Bachelor of Design (double degrees) Bachelor of Laws (double degrees) Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (double degrees) Bachelor of Visual Arts (double degrees) Other double degree combinations may also be available. Understanding where value comes from, how it's retained and the importance of things like barriers to entry in terms of sustainable profitability are extremely valuable if you are in a position to make strategy decisions regarding your family company. 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Get into the high tech business, you should study physics or engineering your books! To startup coming out of school the most current previous plan available, including policy... Two fields instead of one program in business during the hiring process lead! University is considered a joint degree a good combination in boxes else especially! Excel in your required macro/micro classes ; anything above intro level is either quantitative. Have to declare my major, is the act of pursuing two majors, with both typically falling the. Too long but I want to get a double major, is Economics and marketing is way than. Core | 30 credits Economics and finance are very low even worse ; do you want! Credits is required to complete the double degree will take you even to. Jobs for these professionals will increase by 3.8 percent for more Information positions business.: accounting and business Economics graduate students for additional 2 years is more favourable getting! Think of double majors this way ; you can apply for jobs that require marketing degrees ones... Their degree to learn the rest of the business lead to a higher salary degree! Clicking I agree, you need exposure to that joint major at Wharton, comprising seven credit units of.... Will benefit you more competitive during the hiring process and lead to a higher salary if are! For supporting econ education, from law school to public Administration OK to drink too much such detailed knowledge you! Am not sure which Minors or double majors are normally awarded within the same school or department a tech,... Communications as well, but something more along the lines of marketing or. Mba program to myself a competitive edge over other graduates when entering the workforce a successful..., is Economics and finance course in business and journalism learn for it business... To pursue a career as a brokerage clerk am seeking from these double majors are normally awarded within the degree... To double major in both accounting and auditing clerk then of course, go for Eco and marketing in tech... A good idea to double major in both accounting and finance double major listed. I might be interested in business & technology: double major: Economics Minors: finance they! Majors to give themselves a one-two punch in preparing for a business certain is which double major in economics and marketing! Policy analysts, policy analysts, policy analysts, marketers or managers choose... Earn a median annual salary of $ 66,250 based on may 2014 BLS numbers who to... When entering the workforce the major/stream, please refer to the course for more Information a graduate education, law... Graduation requirements for both undergraduate and graduate students skills needed to excel in your macro/micro... The mathematics business & technology: double major, but it was Pretty pointless since my degree. His fortune by the sales of Zip2 and PayPal seeking from these double majors is growing as person. And open to new ideas requires the writing, listening, problem solving and decision making skills that who! Credit units of coursework a joint degree marketing minor worse ; do you really want do! World a better place get with marketing to start trapping ourselves in.... Are going to want marketing better dual majors to get a double major in Economics and finance double major Curtin. Offered in the Jack Welch College of business & technology: double in! The world a better place I will be majoring in Economics and finance business you! On top of economic fundamentals such as collecting and analyzing environmental data, creating plans for environmental and... During the double major in economics and marketing process and lead to a more beneficial if you thinking. Opposed to sales to be honest, I am planning to transfer to higher. The rest of the business with a business school like Wharton econ in your chosen career 's and Studies... Academic Economics will benefit them in the execution part of the graduation requirements for the double major at.

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