The subject of Episode 81 is Shower (1999), directed by Zhang Yang. A straightforward and simple description of local Chinese customs, by looking at the daily operation of a public bath, run by the old owner and his retarded son, when older son returns home, wrongly believing his father has died. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Showers From Heaven by Clint Brown (1999-07-28) at A businessman visits his father and retarded brother, who run a bathhouse in their town. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. $41.99 $ 41. … Because iMDb has canceled the commenting option, leave comments on 29-9-20 v-598.729 l-3.048 FD = by filmdates <=10 (8), 11 (8), 12 (8), 13 (12), 14 (23), 15 (23), 16 (52), 17 (52), 18 (13), 19 (2). Beautiful cinematography, wonderful acting, great direction! Directed by William Witrock., Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. Why? Yet, there is no difficulty following the progression, even while reading subtitles. It has a feeling of realism that we don't seem to see any longer in our western movies. A young wealthy businessman's icy attitude toward his working-class background is about to thaw as he is forced to reconnect with his elderly father and mentally challenged younger brother, who together run a public bathhouse. One cannot imagine what a sleazy wallow American film makers would make out of such a milieu, but director Zhang Yang obviously loves his characters and by the end of the film we have learned to do likewise--including the two old gents who treasure their cockroach fights, the shy stubby guy who belts O Sole Mio under the shower, and the main characters, the owner father and his two sons, one mentally challenged, one estranged; the film is perhaps predictable in its outcome, but who cares? With Kate Lynch, Brent Carver, Janet-Laine Green, Kay Tremblay. The public baths with its gatherings, its cricket fights versus the shopping centres and the skyscraper. As with many "foreign" films, the Chinese culture itself is one of the most interesting facets of this movie. All in a simple yet intense story--like life! The film premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The organization is much more complex than American audiences will be accustomed to. It's a character study and a look at a disappearing way of life -- minor incidents culminating in events that change all their lives. This movie is simply wonderful! The modern China versus the ancient one. External Reviews I often felt troubled when people asked me to recommend some Chinese movies, not because there weren't any good ones, but because those good ones did not depict today's China. Shower the 1999 Movie, Trailers, Videos and more at Yidio. Every aspect of this movie is filled with wit and humour and love and depth. 99. It shows a society that is perhaps strange to us in the Western world, with a sense of family that we have lost. I just hope the rest of the Festival films come up to this standard of entertainment and I look forward to seeing more Chinese films planned to be shown in Sydney in the coming months. I recommend this film unreservedly. Lots of old men and women that are no longer needed. Buy on Amazon. There he learns to appreciate, even cherish the very things he left home to get away from. I couldn't agree more. I then lucked into a copy to purchase at economical price and am happy for my luck. The Baby Shower (1999) 2 of 3 Fran Drescher and Lauren Lane in The Nanny (1993). I LOVE this movie! Mit fünf Jahren zog sie mit ihrer Mutter nach Paradise, Kalifornien um. An aged father and his younger, mentally challenged son have been working hard every day to keep the bathhouse running for a motley group of regular customers. A wonderful movie, shot in the way that only Chinese directors can pull off. Ratings: 8.0/10 from 21 users # of Watchers: 45. And finally, the arrival of modernization to end this way of spending relaxed hours and getting along. Even with subtitles this is a classic film. Shower is a touching story of the meaning of family, A funny and touching story about a father and his two sons, A little corny but wonderful all the same, A good movie that tells you about today's China, A Rich Film About Shared Humanity: Friendship and Family Bonding. People Fran Drescher, Daniel Davis The shower is part of the plot in the first episode of The Brokenwood Mysteries, a New Zealand crime series. It's true as others have stated, how this film really makes it glaringly obvious how lost Hollywood is in it's special effects, overblown emotionalism and over the top climatic endings and have forgotten the essence of a meaningful story told with simple realism. I really liked this film. Beautifully funny and utterly believable characters. This is a film I pull out when I want to believe in the world again. The Shower ist ein Komödie aus dem Jahr 2021 mit Anne Hathaway und Adam Shulman.. This beautiful story of an elder son coming home, and learning to love and be a part of all those things that he left home to get away from, is poignant and moving. TV Shows . External Sites, Having won the Golden Bear of the 64th Berlinale with “, Film Review: The Wild Goose Lake (2019) by Diao Yinan, Shanghai Festival: Fortissimo Films Picks up Three Competition Titles. People Fran Drescher, Lauren Lane Zhu Xu on IMDb; Zhu Xu at the Chinese Movie Database; This article about a Chinese actor or actress is a stub. How every man in town makes his daily visit to chat, play games, discuss personal matters and get honest advice, besides the usual spa-like therapies. Yeah, you maybe wanna go down hospital there, get yourself one them EKG's, see if your heart still beats, not. User Ratings hey eddie! In among all these machinations there is delightful humor in and around the bathhouse setting. It's filled with all sorts of characters, who play Chinese checker, sing grand opera, set up cricket fights, or simply relax. A complex and engrossing story, too. Expecting to see a "cute little film" from mainland China, I was ill-prepared. Shower (1999) - Master Liu; Beijing Herbs (2000) - Guan Juchen; The Gua Sha Treatment (2001) - Father; Ôsama no kampô (2004) Lan (2009) References. This is a film about family bonding, about the necessity to cherish traditions, about the advantages of long-held friendships, and about a public bath house in Beijing. If The Shower fails to touch your heart in some way? A humorous, but poignant look at family, and the obligations that come with it. However, a conflict arises when Celia insists on being in charge. I just returned from seeing "Xizhao" and am still under its soulful spell. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Edit Information . This film tells it's tale with everyday scenes that manage to revel the poignancy hidden within. China, one country, two systems, as Xiao Ping said ... though one of them is killing the other. It will be there when you check out. In addition, later reflection made me appreciate the abrupt cuts to scenes from the past (in the arid countryside of Northern China, and in the high plain of Tibet): isn't this how memory often works? What a refreshing film. Reviews: 0 users. This movie is filled with love, humour, and intelligence. This film is moving without being sentimental - meaningful without being pretentious.

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