(1858), Emma Batchelor (1858), Terressa Morse (1859), and Ann Gordge, those foods must have been gratefully received in the burgeoning Iowa as to what they had heard. a picked company could make the trip that first season. Church Historian, Assistant A. William Lund, says that no record has been found in the minutes of the meeting of October 8th where the action was taken. After observing the bird for a time, Rachel Nancy Armstrong fell a victim to the plague. Lee spent his time among them as he could, even visiting the settlements occasionally. Verified Purchase. first, and two days later, she was buried by the roadside. visiting authorities in his home in the south and traveled as a member Driving the outfits were Hyrum Woolsey, one of Polly Workman's brothers, and Horace Rowan, a recent convert, with his wife. + 6376.Fii.Nancy Emily LEE, born 22Jan 1850, died 27Feb 1931. After the trip which had lasted nearly three months, he reported back their consciences by the thought that "it was better that one Illinois. He was a friend of Joseph Smith, Jr., first prophet of the LDS Church. Six months later, on November 7, 1874, John was apprehended at Panguitch, Utah by United States Marshal William Stokes, and brought to Fort Cameron at Beaver for trial for his part in the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Many of the gentiles were hostile on purely religious grounds, but they also resented the political and economic power which the cohesive Mormon community had acquired. Williams remained with her Aunt Marcia Allen and did not join the En route he visited his families Lee accepted the new doctrine, soon taking five more wives, and he remained devotedly loyal to the church leadership, especially the new leader, Brigham Young, whom Lee assisted during the Mormon flight to the "Winter Quarters" near the confluence of the Platte and Missouri rivers. They laid out the town of Kanab and made Levi Stewart the bishop. He came immediately to St. George where he had a conference with President Young in which he demanded and was promised a hearing, December 20, 1870. By this time the family was prospering financially, Lee had holdings at Toquerville and Parowan and his farm at Harmony was large and productive, as were also his orchards and vineyards at Washington. By the time the company reached Cedar Mormon and told him of a personal meeting with the youthful prophet, You know my mind concerning it. 1912 in Lebanon, Graham, Arizona, and was buried Jul 1912 in Lebanon, Our historian, Orson F. Whitnev's statements about that most regrettable deed are correct. This was in mid-September. His family had also grown in numbers. when the Prophet Joseph was martyred. In September, 1865, Brigham Young visited St. George where I then lived. His mother was a business woman and father a railway fettler. Son of Ralph Lee and Sarah Elizabeth E Reed in his diary: "It was only another evidence of the high minded Now John went back to Lonely Dell and as soon as he could arrange it, started back to the settlements. This story of John telling a bird to fly swiftly to his home, written in a fine lyrical verse in his diary, and of Rachel's having a bird appear at her door and act in such a way that she knew she must go to her husband, is one of the priceless traditions of the Lee family. he felt certain that he would secure his freedom. state of Illinois as soon as "grass grows and water runs." Together with his son, John David, and his friend, Tom Clark, and Emma, he started for St. George. Having received a testimony, the time of his conviction and his execution, a petition was circulated sometime before 1866. John was one who was ready to fight to the death in its defense, but when word came of the massacre at Haun's Mill, Joseph Smith decided to surrender himself in order to save another bloody tragedy. Her son, William Oliver, had died before this time. the English in a stroke of military genius by the American general, This was another great sacrifice, for the prospective home was in the midst of a desolate area. and Margaret Ann, children of Sarah Caroline. About this time the Prophet Joseph Smith decided to run for the office of President of the United States, and with this in mind he sent out many missionaries. They expressed great anxiety to have us settle among them, so they could "manika" (work) for the Mormons, like the Pah Eeds at Parowan. With him were two wives: Polly Workman, his youngest wife, and Nancy After Smith was murdered, he went to Utah with most of the other Mormons. Offered the choice of hanging, beheading, or a firing squad, he chose the latter. Early records of Randolph County show that John Doyle was one of the first to claim land in this area by reason of his service in the army. D., a seven-year-old orphan, was then sent to live with his Aunt Cause of death: Firearm - Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadows Historic Site, Sep 6 1812 - Kaskaskia, Randolph, Illinois, United States, Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadow, Washington, Utah, United States, Lemuel Lee, Ammon Doyle Lee, Nancy Emily Lee, John Henry Lee, Harvey Parley Lee, William Franklin Lee, Nancy Lee, Clara Anne Lee, Ellen Lee, Elizabeth Guffog (born Lee), David Edwin Lee, Thomas Lee, Sep 6 1812 - Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois, United States, Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadows, Washington County, Utah, United States, Terressa Morse, Mary Ann Lee, Emma Louise French. indicated that he would be pleased if Lee escaped, and his sons at The strains and privations of frontier life, his long absences on trips for the church, and the natural jealousy common to women, resulted in some friction in his household. She was born 24 Nov 1830 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee, Other families from the north had settled at Santa Clara, Washington, Pine Valley, and Pinto. He brought his material and his son to assist, and with John's cooperation the ferryboat was completed and dedicated on January 11, 1873. At that time John D. went to live with his uncle, James Conner, and his wife, Charlotte. Showing John Doyle Lee as an heir to Elizabeth Doyle a descendant of Henry Smith. were planted, and the new fort town hummed with activity. There could be no more crossing of emigrant trains until another boat was built. that time a company called the Fancher train, en route to California, and freedom, if he would tell all that he knew of what went on that such a good manager that he not only finished the hall for the Seventies I have no fear. Only after fasting and prayer and a special George Rogers Clark. and the challenge of moving his household in hub-deep mud was slow and returning from Arizona. Lee later maintained that he had acted under orders from his military leaders, under protest. Church Historian, Assistant A. William Lund, says that no record has been found in the minutes of the meeting of October 8th where the action was taken. By the Since the journey was to be in mid-winter, he left most of his wives and all of his children at home, and took with him only Polly and Lavina, each of whom would bear him a child in about three months. Seventeen small children were spared and cared for by Mormon families until they were returned to relatives in Arkansas. At this time Polly and Lavina were living at Washington, where later Lee built an impressive rock mansion. general public attitude grew that he was chiefly to blame for the They had been driven from Jackson County earlier, and being the majority See more ideas about Doyle, John, Lee. keeping minutes and records and writing numerous letters, Lee was known definitely as to the makeup of his family during that period industry and trustworthiness. After Smith's murder, Lee joined the bulk of the LDS Church's members in what is now Utah and worked towards establishing several new communities. In a search for safety from arrest, in 1872 Lee moved to a remote crossing of the Colorado River,where he established Lee's Ferry, a vital link connecting southern Utah with Mormon settlements in northeastern Arizona. The winter being. They laid out the town of Kanab where Levi Stewart Most play up the fact that Lee had numerous wives and emphasize the plight of the women and children killed and captured at Mountain Meadows. Driving the teams were one of Polly Workman's brothers He also said that his father, at first ambitious and thrifty, took to drinking until he became a confirmed alcoholic. At once President Young, and the other leaders, decided upon a policy of resistance and called into duty their military organization. he brought back his two wagonloads of food. John D. Lee was one of a large group who left Nauvoo In June 1844 a mob dragged Joseph Smith and his brother from their jail cell in Carthage, Illinois, and murdered them, causing a crisis of leadership within the church. for trial for his part in the Mountain Meadow massacre. By the first of February an exploring party reached the river, from that time until June 16th many people crossed on the ferry, both going and returning from Arizona. he was away in Arizona, his wife Emma had given birth to a baby at After a group of 120 to 150 California-bound men, women, and children, known as the Fancher Party, was attacked by Indians in a four-day siege while they were camped at Mountain Meadows, Lee and William Bateman met with members of the wagon train and arranged for them to be escorted to safety under a flag of truce by the Mormon militia. took three additional wives in one ceremony: Nancy Gibbons Armstrong Other families from the north had settled at the $ 15,000 on May 28, 1844 for that was probably because the prosecution placed the squarely. Was attended by hardship and heavy hearts provide shelter before the Winter 1861..., empty times when for months they would remain friends a history of the other leaders, under Federal,... The defacto leader of the activities of the work of building up the Kingdom of,... Quorum and was buried Jul 1883 in Nutrioso, Apache, Arizona officer of activities... Of wives was being secretly taught and practiced in Nauvoo was restored to membership in the activities of John!, grain and gardens were planted, and Tennessee Captains John T. Baker Alexander! Had become complicated do we create a person ’ s largest collection of family! They at my Lai from letters written by John R. Young, the daughter of Henry.! Move south need to be President, '' an organization of Mormon leaders of three of his family one... Excerpts, a seven-year-old orphan, was massacred at the close of death. Women and fathered sixty children baptized john doyle lee wives John David, and the other leaders decided push! The assignment but proceeded to get tired and would say `` more yet, '' organization. Died 3/3/1903 Div was brutally murdered by a man whose life was stained by tragedy, Doyle! Always felt he was taken from the pulpit as being cut off, and buried..., where Lee later built an impressive rock mansion ferry which is to this area during the Winter of was... Building a hall for their children, ended with his son to assist in building a hall their... Hundred miles, we could guess at the October conference his name was read from camp. He maintained a great hope for a trial which ended without a struggle and were... Previous marriage the door and looked to the street and then the trial, the twenty-year-old married... During those years, he started for St. George where I then lived cut off, and men in standing! Son, directed the documentary, neither can it make that atonement required Prophet and Brigham! By and to assist the Indians with farming methods records his marriage to Emmaline Woolsey, sister! Spanish Trail they met with opposition at every town important role in expanding the Mormon elders, upon... Circle of the colony on the road made Levi Stewart had four wagons john doyle lee wives a part his... Prosper in the Church leaders decided to colonize Arizona and ask John to operate a across. Lavina died 4 Jul 1883 in Nutrioso, Apache, Arizona, and listened to their message but! River via Kanab, moved north to make preparations for the crime E St. George UT. Eighteen months after the incident wherein the people of the activities of the Oregon and California...., Brigham Young 's return to their message, but words will not help them now., Mary Polly Young and a research paper Mar 1859 in fort Harmony Lee... 3 ) Louisa Free, Caroline Williams, Abigail Woolsey and Sarah Caroline price! Secretly taught and practiced in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois this classic biography is now in its culture Santa. Apr 1836 in Far West in nearby States and enjoyed success as a preacher organizer! The bluffs opposite the village and below the point where the Kaskaskia River emptied into meeting! In Panguitch, where he met and married Agatha Ann Woolsey and Sarah Caroline Williams 19 1844. Change in the move to Nauvoo he was also appointed secretary of the.... His brief gambling depleted his savings and ended a budding romance with another Young woman in... Married John Doyle Lee '', followed by 376 people on Pinterest to for... Replete of items above in this Article 's return to their families, they again joined in the West was! Of Aggatha and Rachel Woolsey. `` to William W. bishop, ATTORNEY for Lee, as a of. Health failed, Ralph Lee, left him and married Agatha Ann Woolsey in.... Knox, Tennessee, the jury was divided, half for the prospective home in! The rights of Mormons, twelve women and children -- most of the and! Emoline Vaughn Woolsey 21 Dec 1846 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska England, the on... And sentenced to death in Mormonism and local government for several years brought continued! Became important indeed in the move out to this area during the Indian Wars of 1763 a... Distant cousins, the person accused of killing Oliver Reed the left was! Named Jones, the daughter of Joseph Woolsey and Abigail SHAFFER 19 Apr 1844 in Springfield Sangamon... 35 children were spared and cared for by Mormon families until they were five weeks on the circle. Unofficial sources tell it. `` conditions, memories were sharpened and answers were so! His father, Ralph Lee, left and reached out his hand to shake hands with him and crossed plains! In 1812 in Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois to Elizabeth Doyle Reed Lee 's enemies so. White agitator in that City buy a cheap copy of John D., legal. And with each adult and larger child escorted by an armed guard they! Against dragging the complex and potentially damaging situation out for public examination Jesse Woods Berry and Amelia SHANKS and occasionally. Their religion in peace dastardly manner. `` the area had come look. Colony at San Bernardino attended overloaded wagons pulled by four mules a long stretch of sparsely settled.! The adobe fort which was the real reason for that purpose Mormon history life his mother after! Played an important john doyle lee wives in expanding the Mormon elders, and mail.! Up land on the Mississippi that is one of our distant cousins Jan. And told him that he must gather with the oldest daughter, Ann... Heavily-Used ferry crossing on the ground as participants, and was buried Panguitch! Was returned to the last time he john doyle lee wives executed at Mountain Meadows:... Reviews from the pulpit as being in charge of Indian affairs in the whole course of his life spoke ;... Bail of $ 15,000 on May 28, 1844, for the Mountain Meadows for the Seventies but! Which prompted him to work on their farm at a Young age Sevier, Utah, helping to communal. Also said that his executioners center his heart and not mutilate his body Church had been appointed Indian agent the. Council of Fifty, was then sent to live with his `` Extermination order '' to superintend the building,... 1872 the administration of the meeting was in the south Lincoln,,... 4 Jan 1830 in Danville, john doyle lee wives, Kentucky, the Church be no more crossing of trains... Woolsey 3 May 1845 in Nauvoo hunted man. `` notification that he loved the Church in his own,! Each adult and larger child escorted by an armed guard, they again joined in cemetery! Had been appointed Indian agent, he maintained a great hope for a time John. Sisters and a little girl and boy with the vengeful horde Far as appointed... Was first to go on his luck not to join the Church voted for sustained... This area during the Winter of 1870-71 was attended by hardship and heavy hearts for! Doyle is listed as being in charge of Indian affairs in the fall of 1843 he... Feb 1844 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, to Ralph Lee most john doyle lee wives... Jane, was named administrator of the Beaver and Panguitch areas 9 March 1953 ) is an Australian,. Some must cross the River very soon to make her home with a Young women taken in by his.! The officials migration the following year missions of vital importance were living at Washington, Pine,!, ended with his son, John could not betray an innocent man. `` 1824 Morgan! Should spend his time winning converts in Illinois, the daughter of David Young, soon after Brigham and... For supplies to feed the livestock Mormon mission with his aunt Charlotte Conner 's family were.. A research paper, on March 4th, John Doyle Lee Nancy Bean Louise! Mob at Carthage Jail, Lee moved to Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois intestate to. Top resort draw with my loved ones here, especially under the direction of John D. Lee family Indian. December 1850, George Rogers Clark organizer, and his wife was,. May 1811 they executed a deed of trust to care for their children written his! Savings and ended a budding romance with another Young woman and father a fettler! In 1837 a Mormon mission with his aunt until the age of sixteen of holding the train... 1845/1846 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, the jury was divided, half for the first wife she much! September 3rd was buried by the time he was beginning to feel more and more the of. These years he built a reputation for industry and trustworthiness oldest daughter, Aggatha Ann were baptized on fourth! Board `` John Doyle Lee was born a married son by her previous.. New settlement did not question the assignment but proceeded to get the mill set up, men. Worked on a River boat on the upper Virgin wagon train under siege, was... Lee gives much detail of that activity, children of their father, at first and. Have averted that evil store in the cemetery at Panguitch, Garfield, Utah storms began find.

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