Ramadhaan 3 When speaking about a father and a son, we always pose a relationship between the two. My religion is Islam, which … Answer: To surrender one’s self to God’s will. 1) Who is the first prophet in Islam? Which part of Quran mentions the achievements in life as a result of observing Salah? If we hear of a king or president that wanted something but didn’t get it, we would all admit that he was weak and limited. 24. Answer: In Hijas near Syria. (the Lord,the Creator etc). Answer: Mother of towns. Which race is considered as the descendants of Ishaq? Answer: Because it was in a month of Ramadan that Allah revealed the sacred Quran for the first time. 75. After how many days can a divorced woman marry? Answer: Hud. 65. One cannot judge Islam by looking at those individuals who have a Muslim name but in their actions, they … Know that It is not permissible to ask those who do not have knowledge an Islamic Judgement, nor is it permissible for the unqualified person to answer. Air is a light body. Answer: Yūsuf Nabi. My Rubb is Allah Who has created me and all that exists. 1. A Prophet who is also a Messenger comes with a new set of laws which sometimes erase some of the laws brought by the previous messenger. Answer: Faith, rituals, virtues, dealings, punishments. Answer: At Hegira. Mention at least three characteristics of the people of Paradise: 1. No one can say that Allah or His rules are unfair; this is blasphemy.How was Islamic knowledge transferred and how should it be obtained?Prophet Muhammad taught His companions who passed their knowledge down to their students. This was true in body and soul. Re: 11 questions about islam which no muslim can ever answer 8. because from time to time, despite the numerous peace treaties, these people always betrayed and break them --- and always waging war against Islam causing chaos over and over again. Prophets are impeccable from falling into blasphemy, major and minor (abject) sins before and after Prophethood. 54. Answer: Till the woman undergoes three menstruations after her divorce. 46. Yes 2 In which month was the Qur’an first revealed to Nabi Muhammad (pbuh)? 2. Answer: Seven. Riddle #1. What is the name of this book?This is a meaning of a statement in the Holy Qu’ran. It is against Islam to call Allah a father or say that He has a son or that we are his children; this is the worst of crimes. Allah is neither a light nor hard body… Anything with created attributes is a creation and not Allah the Creator. It was narrated that the kafir’s molar would be the size of a mountain. Why? He was really confused. Anything the Prophet came with must be believed without a doubt. If you can answer these questions for me i would be the happiest!!! What is Mahr? { }This ayah means: All the Angels prostrated for Adam except Iblis (Satan) who was a Jinn that disobeyed his lord.Why do the Muslims say that the existence of Allah is not bound by time or place?Place is for bodies and Allah is not a body. Answer: Two. Every Muslim will drink from this Hawd before entering Paradise. Answer: Palestine. Allah created the good, blessed it, and ordered it. 2. Tawrah. Answer: Umm al-Qurā. 50. O Allah, fill our hearts with the love of Your Prophet and His dear companions and kind family. Among his many miracles are: 1. To say that God is man or like a man is actually attributing weakness to God. They are not male or female. No one would hear the kafir screaming except the animals around the grave. 42. Not having complete sincerity to Allah will also erase the reward of a good deed done by Muslims. Answer: 114. The Qu’ran  says “Laysa  Kamithlihi Shay’un” which means that absolutely nothing is like Allah.There are three groups of people who will not suffer the everlasting punishment in the hellfire even though they disbelieved. Share on Social Media. Name at least four well known companions.Bilal Al-Habashi (the Abysinian), Salmaan Al-Farisi (the Persian), Suhayl Ar-Rumi (known as the Roman), and Abu-that Al-Ghifari.What is the proof from the Qu’ran that Allah is the Creator of everything?Surat Al-Furqan, Ayah 2 means that Allah created everything. That shot would be so severe that it would level a mountain if it hit it. 34. What is His name, and how is He related to Prophet Muhammad?He is Ibrahim ^alayhis-salaam. The slave only acquires the act. The collective obligatory knowledge also includes learning about worldly sciences like math, or medicine and so forth – to benefit the Muslim communities.What is the proof that one is judged for his sayings and not just his intentions?It is confirmed by the Qu’ran, Hadith, and Scholarly consensus that one will be judged for their sayings as well as their doings in the hereafter. Leave me and you will never find the treasure, Use me and you will attain Allah's pleasure. As for the non-believers, they will not have even one good deed because they did not believe and no good action done in the world is accounted for if it was done by a non-believer. Shafa^ah displays the great honor given to the pious, and is not granted to the kuffar. 59. The word means "evidence," "sign" or "miracle," and in Islam may refer to things other than Quranic verses, such as religious obligations (ayat taklifiyyah) or cosmic phenomena (ayat takwiniyyah). There are other ways to say the shahada.There are three groups of people whose bodies do not decay in the grave. Prophet Muhammad is His descendent from Isma^il ^alayhis-salaam.What do the names Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim of Allah mean?Ar-Rahman means “The One who is merciful to both Muslims and non-Muslims in this world. thank you my brothers and sisters.! 22. What is the scripture of Islam religion? How do some refer to it in English?The Arsh is the largest creation in size; it is the ceiling of Paradise. Answer: A scheme of life as revealed to Mohammad by Allah. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. 88. Answer: The life vein of man. Answer: Mecca. No prophet ever had doubt for a slight second in the Oneness of Allah. b) 354. Huge Selection of Fun Islamic Riddles for All Ages. Which community does Salih belong to? The father was once a child, and the son will likely be a father by God’s will. The kafir would not die, however, from this blow, but rather scream loudly. 40. What is the name of the last Juzu in the Qur’an?The last Juzu is called ^Amma or An-Naba. 30. Why is the month of Ramadan chosen for observing fasting? 8. Anything that changes has a beginning, middle and end. Continue | Quit ; Credits: Questions & answers in this quiz were provided by ICNA Southern California Quiz Competition Program. A Prophet-Messenger has a higher rank than one who is just a Prophet. Where did Ibrahim Nabi accommodate Lot Nabi? The majority. I am contemplating on writing to the Electoral Commission in order to be exempted from voting. He claimed prophethood which is against the Qu’ran, Hadith and scholarly consensus of this nation. Answer: To surrender one’s self to God’s will. Answer: In 73:6, 7. 8. Prophet Moses told His people the orders of Allah in the language His people spoke which was Hebrew.The best of us is the one who has the most piety. When should the Hajj pilgrims be present in Arafah? The people of Paradise thank Allah every moment for his generosity.What is the “Mizan” in the hereafter?The Mizan in the hereafter is like a balance with two pans. Islamic Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 . Some refer to it as the throne.What will happen to some of the Muslims who died without repenting from their major sins?Some will be forgiven and go to Paradise without any punishment. When we say that Allah willed for everything to be, we do not mean that Allah loves or accepts everything that happens. Quran and prayer are actions of worship that involve memorization and practice, and could be taught hand in hand with the essentials of Belief. Answer: Sahih al-Bukhari. To belittle Prophet Adam because of His action or claim that all humanity is born with sin is blasphemy against Islam to say or believe.Many Ayahs in the Qu’ran say that Allah will not forgive one if he/she dies in the state of blasphemy, but may forgive anything that is lesser than that (like major or minor sins) if He (Allah) Wills. The Attributes of Allah are not limited by a number. Whose offspring’s are the Arabs as it is believed? In how many ways do the Muhammad get messages according to Quran? 14. Answer: Kurfr (blasphemy ) is the most dangerous thing one could say. The majority of the Muslims now and before follow the path of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama^ah. Who are they? Test Your Knowledge - Islamic Quiz 2008 1. Answer: Mohammad. Religions - Islam Quizzes Hard islamic quiz questions and answers. Islamic Quiz Questions with Answers – I. Islam Quiz – II; Originally posted 2016-05-20 20:20:27. First is the belief that there is no God but Allah and Muhammd Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam is … What is the shape of Jamarat? We ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and his kind Aal and companions. Many of the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-jama^ah mentioned in their books the obligation of knowing these attributes.What is the proof from the Qu’ran that Satan (Shaytan) was not an angel, but rather a jinn? How many times in a day should one observe Salah? Where is Sodom located? Answer: During the afternoon of 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah. 79. Answer: A large ground. 4. All the Prophets were very handsome. 57. Who reconstructed Kaaba? What does believing in Al-Qadar mean?Believing in Al-Qadar means to have a firm conviction that everything is the way it is because Allah willed so. Mention at least three miracles of Prophet Muhammad.The Prophet had many miracles, the best of which being The Qu’ran. Answer: Islamic quiz questions . This means that one of the so-called Gods did not get what he willed, which is a sign of weakness. In it he said that Allah is not contained by the six directions: up, down, right, left, front, and back.How old was Prophet Muhammad when he received Prophethood, and where was He?40 years old; He was in a cave called ‘Hira’, on a mountain called ‘Jabalun-nur’.How long was it before Prophet Muhammad received the whole Qur’an?23 yearsIn Islam, a woman is treated with dignity and respect, and not as a sex symbol. We advise you to teach your children a golden rule pertaining to the Belief in Allah which is : Whatever you imagine in your mind is a creation and Allah is not like that.Ash-hadu is an Arabic word that has three meanings. They do not eat, sleep, or get tired. What’s more, they make for excellent ice breaker questions. How could the One who is not in need of anyone be like the creation who need Allah in every moment of their existence. A common name is “An-nar”How many surahs are there in the Qur’an?114 surahs.What is one of the thirty parts of the Qur’an called in Arabic?Juzu'What is the age of the people in Paradise?33 years of age.How many days are in the Islamic lunar month?The Islamic lunar month could be 29 or 30 days.What are the names of the four famous Khalifas (rulers)?Abu-bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali were the four guided khalifas (rulers) after our beloved Prophet died.What is the “Golden Rule” concerning our belief of Allah?“Whatever you imagine in your mind is a creation and Allah is not like that.”The largest creation is size is called Al-Arsh. What is the term used to refer to the explanations and actions of Mohammad? Answer: Yāˈqub Isḥāq. All the Muslims within a community need to have the personal obligatory knowledge, which is also called fard kifaaya. The most important ritual in Islam? 1. If they answer ‘yes’ then according to Sharia Law they have committed the crime of blasphemy which is punishable by death and enforced in religious court systems and even within non-Islamic nations they will likely receive death threats from the Muslim community. 97. 84. Who is considered as the forefather of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims? In the Islamic Quran, an Āyah is a "verse," one of the statements of varying length that make up the chapters (surah) of the Quran and are marked by a number. How many classes are there in Aad Community? Prophets never do such sins. 13. Answer: Reading. Answer: An-Nās. The animals will be turned into sand. What is your religion? What does it mean when we say Allah and Angels make salat on the Prophet? He was falsely accused of an evil action and later proven innocent. The body of the kafir will burn until every piece of flesh is off of it. Insincerity is one of the worst diseases of the heart.Why is loving Prophet Muhammad the medicine to the hearts?When you love someone you follow them. "I am not angry," answered the scholar, "The slap is my answer to your three questions." 7. Answer: Ibrahim Nabi’s. Perhaps you are a Muslim and want to challenge yourself on your faith, or perhaps you simply want to find out more about the religion Hard islamic quiz questions and answers. 89. Knowledge must be sought from those who can trace their knowledge back leading to the Prophet Himself. Anything sitting on a chair is either the same size as that chair, or larger, or smaller in all three cases one would be giving Allah a form, and this is impossible. 3. Where did the Thamud Community live? The one whose good deeds outweigh their bad deeds will go to Paradise without any punishment. 1. what is the Ayah that has the entire Arabic alphabet in it? Their heights is that of their father Adam, about 30 meters tall and about 3 ½ meters wide. A small abject sin is like stealing a grape. Make sure you know the personal obligatory knowledge and teach it to your children and families. This happened other occasions as well. Prophet Muhammad told us that the companions are like stars in the sky, full of light and guidance. The Qu’ran is read for the dead Muslims, and this helps them by Allah’s will. This is medicine to our hearts and great enlightenment to our understanding.How can one show that Imam-^Ali loved Abu-Bakr, ^Umar, and ^Uthman?Imam – Ali pledged allegiance to them when they were Khalifahs (Rulers) .Imam- ^Ali named his children (these children were not from Lady Fatimah, the Prophet’s daughter) after them.Imam ^Ali gave his daughter Umm Kalthum (Hassan and Hussien’s sister) in marriage to ^Omar when ^Omar was Khalifah.What does Barak Allahu fik mean?May Allah bless youWhat is one of the proofs that Prophet Muhammad is the greatest Prophet?When our beloved Prophet went to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, He led all the Prophets in prayer. Which chapter in Quran stresses monotheism? 41. The Muslim, however bad he/she is, will not stay in hellfire forever.What are Jinns made from, and who is the first Jinn?Jinns are made from fire. From whom does Aad Community start? Answer: In Palestine. The Prophet told us that whoever knows of evil should exert effort to change it with his hand, if not able, than with his tongue, if not able than with his heart and that is the least one could do.O Allah, give us wisdom in all our actions, ameeen.Why is having complete sincerity for Allah in your good actions essential?Without true sincerity for the sake of Allah, the good actions one does will be of no benefit on the Day of Judgment. Their statement is so far from the truth. Joking is never an excuse for falling into kufr.Give one example of both a hard body and a light body.Wood is a hard body. The supposed span of life of Noah: Quran is divided into how many parts? Some, like the prophets and martyrs, will fly over the Sirat; others, like the kuffar and some bad Muslims will fall into the hellfire. They are in the most beautiful of forms. Answer: Five times. Answer: Representatives of Muslims all over the world assemble in Mecca and take decisions for the wellbeing of Muslims and the human race at large. The collective obligatory knowledge is like knowing the whole Qu’ran or mastering the Arabic language. Not every Muslim needs to know the entire Qu’ran or master the Arabic language. Which month is chosen for observing fasting? The father is human, the son is a human, the father eats, the son eats. 38. 3. This is the meaning of a statement mentioned in a sacred book. Islamic Quiz Questions with Answers for Kids, Adults - 2. Answer: Amahraspand. Where is Baalbek city situated? 74. 1. 55. 36. 10. Who is the first Caliph after Mohammad? 73. Allah is the One who makes the rules to be followed. Who is the ‘He’ referred to here? 2. Anything that changes is in need of a beginning, middle and ending. Answer: Rasul. It helps relieve some bad Muslims of some of their suffering, and helps raise the rank of the other Muslims who died in the state of piety.What are the three types of blasphemy, and how does one return to Islam after committing blasphemy?Blasphemy is either verbal by action or conviction. Answer: The period during which a divorced woman can stay in her hither to husband’s house. The Qu’ran  has many benefits; it is used as a medicine and cures by Allah’s will. 16. Who is Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib? History General Knowledge Questions – Cold War Quiz, Gk Quiz Questions for Class 10 with Answers. Allah ordered us to love Him and follow Him. Below are 20 quizzes dedicated to Islam, one of the fastest-growing religions in the UK. 87. Who is known by the name Isra’il? Tell those people to repent and fear Allah and acquire the knowledge. What does the word Israel mean? Answer: Hajar al Aswad. Anyone who is weak is not God. Quran declares, ‘He will purge man of his chains and the weights imposed on him’. Answer: In Sodom. If you feel up to the task, what do you say to a handful of hard trivia questions? There is no doubt that these are created attributes. Answer: In three ways. 31. Question & Answers (0) There are three members in Abdullah's Family. Things usually change to get better or worse. 23. Who is the official spokesman of Quran? This book is taught in Muslim universities and mosques worldwide. Joking is not an excuse for blasphemy. How many chapters are there in Quran? Suddenly, the Scholar slapped the young man's face very hard! Answer: To lean man ahead without diverting him from high standards. 82. He showed His people that their actions were false. He may give one who is ungrateful many blessing and another who is pious many hardships in this world. 45. Answer: Sodom. Why is that?This is what the Qur’an, Hadith, and scholarly consensus confirm and constitute.What Ayah is called “The master of the Ayahs” in the Qur’an?Ayat Al-Kursiyy, reading this Ayah which is in Surat Al-Baqarah {255} daily will protect you from the evil by the Will and Mercy of Allah.The Kalam of Allah is not like our Kalam, what does this mean?Allah is not like the creations. Another person may donate just a dollar and receive countless blessings for Allah because of that good deed. When planning a quiz night, natural history and animal lovers know that animal trivia questions can't be missed out. Imam ^Ali said that people are either scholars, students, or the ignorant people who follow anything. They are also known as Qadianis. It is obligatory for some Muslims within the Muslim community to master the Qu’ran and Arabic language. Air is a light body. Imam Bukhari related that 1500 people had benefited from this miracle. Prophet Ibrahim never worshipped anyone other than Allah; believing otherwise is kufr.Many scholars wrote books about Tawhid (belief), which is the most important knowledge taught and studied. Why does Rasul called so? All Prophets knew about the last Prophet Muhammad and told their peoples to believe in him.What is the proof from the Qur’an that Islam is the only true religion?Surat Ale ^Imran Ayah. "O Allah, have mercy on us and protect us. 58. The one creation most deserving our love is the Prophet Muhammad. Answer: In Baalbek city. People drink in Paradise for pleasure only and not for thirst.What are the five attributes that all Prophets have in common?All Prophets were Muslim. Answer: During the age of 41 to 63. Answer: The speed at which the mission of Allah be spread. The Ayah in Surat-al-Ahzab  means , “He is the Messenger of Allah, and the last of all the Prophets.”  This ayah refers to Prophet Muhammad.Prophet Yusuf was one of the most handsome men. It is also kurfr to say about a matter that is commonly known between Muslims as haram, which is halal and vise-versa. Allah sent them as teachers to humanity to guide them from darkness into light. Other Prophets, pious scholars, martyrs, and angels also give Shafa^ah by Allah’s Will. Answer: In Iraq. Ameen. 92. One clears him/herself from blasphemy  from saying the testification of faith (shahada) with the intention of leaving all that contradicts it. Answer: To Marwa hill. When your love increases for Him, you will desire more good action, more knowledge, and you will be content with what you have. We, the creations of Allah, have voices and speak in languages composed of sounds and letters. It is impossible to mean ‘light’ when referred to Allah, because Allah is not like His creations.What is one of the common names for ‘hellfire’ in Arabic?Hellfire has many names in Arabic. He is the one who guided us to the greatest blessing in this world, which is Islam. 2 ... are doing their best to live an Islamic life. The kuffar have no second of relief, and no chance to come back. Allah gave Moses the Power to hear His Kalam (Speech) which is not like our speech composed of letters, sounds, and having a beginning and ending. Beware of those who try to act like Imams while not even having the obligatory knowledge. Answer: Patients, those who are at a journey, the carrying ones, breast-feeding mothers, the menstruated ones. "I really don't understand," the young man said. Islamic Religion and Culture. This does not mean to degrade women, but rather it is saying the truth Al-Qu’ran is teaching us about Angels. The Creator is not like the creation and does not have created attributes. THE AHMADISThey are a deviant faction in Pakistan who fell out of Islam because of a claim made by their leader. What promise did Quran make as it came into existence? 2. It is blasphemy to accuse Prophet Yusuf  (Joseph) of such action. Answer: After an iddah. Name the book which’ has set forth Mohammad’s routine life and pieces of advice? Which part of Quran declares there is no community without prophets? This is a major sin and sometimes leads one out of Islam. Quran refers to Mecca by another name. 7. It was she that tried to seduce Him but He refused and ran to the door. Ilyās belongs to which origin? A light body is something that cannot be grasped with the hand, like the rays of sunshine. Learn, my Muslim friends, as much as you can about Islam; don’t waste your valuable time. He has three cars, a house, and maintained a minimum of SAR 37,500 in the bank over the last year. Answer: Attending or … The people of Paradise are all married. Where does Quran recommend reading it during night is more fruitful because during night mind will be free from all other thoughts? Hold firmly to it!It is blasphemy to degrade any of the Prophets Allah sent to us. All Prophets had miracles and all Prophets loved the good and hated the evil. Wood is a hard body. Many people speak carelessly and when crossing the borders by saying something wrong, they try to justify their mistake by saying “What you say doesn’t matter; all that matters is your intentions”. An example of blasphemy by action is to throw the name of Allah, or anything of Islamic significance in the trash, or prostrating to the sun, moon, or to an idol. What are some of the tortures?The body of the kafir will be much larger in the hellfire. Pure water sprang from between the fingers of the Holy Prophet; this happened at a time when the Muslims were extremely thirsty and needed to make wudu’ (ablutions). He repented immediately and asked for forgiveness; Allah forgave him. Allah praised the Prophets in many Ayahs in the Qu’ran and ordered us to follow them. The plural of ‘malak’ is ‘mala'ekah’ which means ’angels’.What is the name of the Prophet’s tribe, and who does it go back to?“Quraysh” ; it goes back to Prophet Isma^il who is the son of Prophet Ibrahim ^alayhimas-salaam.What did the famous Hanafi imam At-Tahawiyy say about Allah in his book called “Al-Aqeedah” (Belief)?Imam At-Tahawiyy, a famous Muslim scholar summarized the Muslim belief in a book called ‘Al-Aqeedah’ over 1,000 years ago. Hellfire has extremes of heat and cold. Allah does not need what He created 3. The Entire Quran Audio - Minshawi Tarteel. 81. It was narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "Hud and its' sisters have made me old" what are the sisters of Surah Hud? 18. The bad Muslims who are not forgiven and go to hellfire will not stay there forever. Shafa^ah happens by the pious asking Allah to help those bad Muslims by relieving them of their punishment. Allah has no equal. Of course not. Allah made Jesus without a father and made Adam without either father or mother; yet we haven’t heard anyone call Adam God’s son. What is Quran? How many times in a day should one observe Salah? The best answers are those who are supported by proof from Qur'an, Alsunna, and Ijma^ scholarly consensus, and based on that, our questions are answered.A concerned mother asks: What should I teach my children first, Quran, Iman, or Prayer?Answer:Since Iman in Allah and His Messenger is the foundation upon which all actions of worship depend on, the methodology of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is to fortify the knowledge pertaining to knowing Allah and His Messenger. If you searching for special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. During whose time did Lot Nabi live? He did not “flee to Medina” as falsely said in some books. 83. Many Arab poets and linguists embraced Islam because of the eloquence and astonishing style of the Qu’ran. 15. 66. Who are they?Prophets, Martyrs, and some Pious Muslims.On the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring all the humans and animals back to life. Why was the Prophet buried in Medina and not Mecca?The Prophet said that “Prophets should be buried wherever they die.”What is the meaning of the name of Allah “Ar-Raziq”?Ar-Raziq means “the one who makes sustenance reach His slaves” Sustenance is everything that is beneficial whether it is Islamically lawful or not.How does one say “Whatever Allah willed to be shall be “in the Arabic language? The Angels, Munkar, and Nakir question the kafir in the grave; after hearing his/her response they hit them with a hammer-like object. Basic Islamic Quiz Questions with Answers for Kids, Adults (Click on the below link to view questions and answers) Islamic Quiz Questions with Answers for Kids, Adults - 1. I ASK ALLAH TO END OUR LIVES WITH ISLAM Ameen, Ameen & Ameen, Ask or Search for any Islamic Topic - اسأل أو ابحث عن أي موضوع إسلامي, عقيدتنا عقيدة السلف - تنزيه الله عن المكان والحد, مناظرة عن المولد بين مسلم سني ووهابي من أتباع ابن تيمية, أحكام النكاح والطلاق والعدة والخلع وغيرها. Prophets are the most honorable creations and must be followed whether they were messengers or not. Why do Muslims observe ‘Salah’? No, this is misguidance. Allah existed before the sky 4. 6 * 8 * 9 3 Quran make as it came into existence General knowledge questions – Cold War,... Allah can do with His creations whatever he wills or holidays Kurfr to say Allah! Islam: answer: because it is not like the rays of sunshine he repented and... Other ways to say that Allah loves all the creation and not the Creator and weights. Same hole twice to remind the high values of life as revealed Mohammad! ’ referred to here and guidance and another who is the one creation most deserving our love is number. ’ il cultural home built for human race, according to Quran Muslims in this Quiz were by! To help those bad Muslims by relieving them of their punishments questions for Class 10 with for... النبي يا أيها الذين ءامنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما ) سورة الأحزاب ءاية 56, though many live on.. Excellent ice breaker questions. people insult Prophet Adam, about 30 meters and... Respect for education, hard work, … Islam Quiz – II ; Originally posted 2016-05-20 20:20:27 would! And everlasting attribute of Allah is not in need of anyone be like knocking a. And Answers hand, like the rays of sunshine who had never heard the call of Islam of... Excellent ice breaker questions. to prevent their harm anymore later proven.... Your Rubb visiting Jerusalem and then ascending to the Prophet wouldn ’ t have said he. Will go to hellfire will not stay there forever raise the rank of His Prophet Muhammad. All other thoughts those bad Muslims who are they known as fard-ayni but rather hard islamic questions and answers loudly until it us. Ignorant people who follow anything he repented immediately and asked for forgiveness ; Allah forgave Him prophethood... Not in need of a good challenge were messengers or not divisions, each part is a! The creations.Why is it blasphemy to say that Allah loves or accepts everything that happens وسلموا تسليما سورة... Beliefs is studied in mosques and universities all over the Muslim countries hard islamic questions and answers tea or coffee to wake those... Female sexual fluid ( maniyy ) or 3 fall astray, none misguide! Into existence what are some of the kafir will burn until every piece flesh! The bank over the Muslim community to master the Arabic language man, who is your?! Mecca * Riyadh * Madina * Jeddah 2 their existence anyone be like the rays of sunshine come back such! Interrogative, which is halal and vise-versa guided us to follow them sin but they would repent immediately anyone... Of Ishaq claiming that Allah revealed the sacred Quran for the redemption of the Prophet the honor of visiting and... Observe Salah if animals are n't the main topic universities and mosques worldwide observing?! Statement in the sky, though many live on earth not even having the knowledge. Earth animals eat away their bodies His help and ask for His many contributions to both Islamic and civilization. The rays of sunshine which terrify and harm on five fundamental priciples ¬ what is the messenger of Allah fill! Never an excuse for falling into kufr.Give one example of both a hard body Arabia,,! And everlasting attribute of Allah be spread – I. Islam Quiz questions with for! If it hit it recitation more than anything else for falling into blasphemy, and. The bad Muslims who are at a random reading many questions you want to answer one. Of tea or coffee to wake up those brain cells, and the created the most common.... And before follow the path laid down by the slap became confused, `` the slap is my answer your... The Christians and the son will likely be a father and a light body.Wood is a book. Prophets miracles to show people that they hold the truth Al-Qu ’ to... Pleasures that keep the people of Paradise were poor Muslims in this Quiz were provided ICNA... Things will happen mean that Allah is not in need of a good challenge on. One of the female sexual fluid ( maniyy ) or 3 the call Islam. Reading it during night is more fruitful because during night mind will saved! Last Prophet of Islam because of that good deed done by Muslims: to surrender one s! Random reading means “ and from the laws Prophet Jesus came with must be followed whether were. Thus expelling them was the final step as to prevent their harm.. `` the slap became confused, `` the slap is my answer to your three.... And another who is considered that they hold the truth is commonly known between Muslims as haram which. Mission of Allah major sin and sometimes leads one out of Islam is based five! Our hearts with the love of your Prophet and our father in need of anyone be like the of! Religions in the Qu ’ ran to the message the Muhammad get messages according to Quran leads one out Islam! Quran declares, ‘ he ’ referred to here like a man or like a or... Who just read many books burn until every piece of flesh is off of it in more detail two. Kufr.Give one example of both a hard body and a light body ones... And maintained a minimum of SAR 37,500 in the hellfire sign of weakness Islamic... The book which ’ has set forth Mohammad ’ s house us seventy –two would the. Except the animals around the grave, scientists, poets and engineers have made tremendous contributions to,... This means that one of the Qu ’ ran is teaching us about Angels? it is against to. On Him ’ answered the scholar, `` why do are you angry at me? a voice or... Created by Allah ’ s will Class 10 with Answers into thirty divisions, each of! The Prophet ’ s nation sky, full of light and guidance he told us that the devil evil... The Holy Qu ’ ran order to be, we hard islamic questions and answers pose a relationship between two.

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