She is medium energy/drive. I'm just wondering because out of all the aussie rescues i've looked at on the net, their are never any of that color, just the lighter blue … Farm Scene. Toy Aussie Puppy. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. 15 were here. Our love of these two wonderful breeds … I merle geneticamente sono neri o rossi che portano il gene merle: quello che li rende screziati di bianco. Due to their double coats, its best to brush your Blue Merle Aussie at least once a week. We are Arkansas breeders of High Quality AKC Registered Australian Shepherd dogs (Aussies);Puppies For Sale,Blue,Merle,Red,Tri,Black, Blue Merle Aussies Arkansas dog Breeder currently has puppies for sale from Amber is a Red Tri female Australian Shepherd dog and Cosmo Blue Merle Sweet, loving little guy. February 6, 2021 It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Elle Toy Aussie show breeder. Merle females are $1200-$1500, merle males and blue eyed tris are $1000 - $1200 and non blue eyed tris are $800-$1000 - without breeding rights. Although beautiful in their own right, the Blue Merle and Tan Australian Shepherd is not very common. Sire: RisingStars Mav @Fetch Me an Aussie (Maverick) - Red Factored Black Tri male with 2 blue eyes. We are hoping to be able to share the love of our dogs with those who could benefit from it during difficult times. The Poodle phantom look mixed into the beautiful merle pattern of an Aussie. Hinto (The Native American name for blue haired) Cobalt (a bluish colored chemical element) Punten Blue Moon (a full moon via Instagram: @whereswatson04. BROKEN ARROW AUSSIES. Esistono solamente quattro colori di base riconosciuti negli Aussie: nero (solido), blue merle, rosso (solido) e red merle, ma esistono 16 combinazioni diverse. Pure Bred Australian Shepherd puppies in the Kansas City Area. Each, as spectacular as the rest. Blue merle and white color Aussie dogs are very popular. Essentially, a merle dog is a specific coat pattern that consists of several different potential colors including blue, red, tan, white, brown, or black. dog show ribbons mini and toy aussies for sale in missouri. The most beautiful blue eyes of all Blue Merle puppies. These dogs come in a splendid blue merle (black patches on gray fur) with only tan/copper markings. The fur can be wavy or straight. They have the true Aussie look. If you want them to live the whole 12 to 15 years expected of them, better give them the proper care by bringing them to the vet regularly. blue sold. Genetic Testing: Tested carrier PRA Cleared by parentage for rest of Aussie Panel. Daughter of Steele & Ouray. He is Clear on the whole Aussie panel through canine health check. T: 417-274-0647. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Here at Merle Creek Aussies we strive to produce standard healthy, friendly, and smart family dogs. Dam: Rocking Most Beautiful Sunflower (Callie)- Red Merle Female with 2 blue eyes. GET IN TOUCH. … Puppies had their tails docked with a veterinarian and removed the dew claws and had their first round of shots, wormed, and vet checked. Most Australian Shepherds will also have more colors flecked through their coats, which makes them bicolor or tricolor. Black Tri Female Aussie Puppy - Adopted! Jul 1, 2020 - AwesomeDoodle's Blue Merle AussieDoodle Puppies with that gorgeous vibrant copper. There is no way to tell by looking if he's a red carrier, and these features are not an indication of carrier status. The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd has, perhaps, the most unique color combination among the four basic colors. and is this shade of blue merle rare? We'd love to hear from you. So the next time one of you A.K.C. 147 2. blue merle female. Genitori testati. ugly acting uneducated asshats has anything bad to say concerning me, or my aussies … Red Tri Male Aussie Puppy - Adopted! Find blue and merle Mini Australian Shepherd puppiess from a breeder near you. * 1 Blue Merle Female (Spoken For) * 2 Blue Merle Males (Spoken For) * 1 Red Tri Female (Spoken For) Litter will mature to 12" -15" tall & 14 - 25 lbs. The white markings are on the chest, face, and legs of the dog. Find blue and merle Mini Australian Shepherd puppiess from a breeder near you. 5. Double merle or homozygous merle occurs when the offspring of two merled parents inherit two copies of the dominant merle gene. BLUE ELK AUSSIES. Red Merle Aussies have varied markings on their chest, face, and tail. Blue merle puppy. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Sep 25, 2017 - Explore Ruth C. Robin's board "blue merle australian shepherd" on Pinterest. Blue Merle Female Aussie Puppy - Adopted! Blue Merle Male Aussie Puppy - Adopted! Ready for there forever homes . j bar t lacey had a gorgeous litter of 5 out of j bar t over the moon in vegas on 12-20-20! Raising your next best friend ~ Australian Shepherds ... Color: Blue Merle - 2 Blue eyes. Here at Painted Blue Aussies our dogs are first and foremost, our family. Blue Merle & Tan Aussie. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. The Australian shepherd is blue merle & white when its base coat is of blue merle and there are white markings. We have goals set to be involved in dog sports and mini Aussies fit for what we want to accomplish. 1. Luckily, their breed standard allows for both. Caulfield, Missouri 65626. Sometimes a blue merle is overall muddy, brownish, or has a reddish dilute spot. Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di australian shepherd blue merle. Red Bi Color Male Puppy - Adopted! blue merle australian shepherd puppies Pets and Animals in Michigan at classifieds. A Blue Merle Aussie dog has a medium-length double coat. Jewell & Pupu. Find blue and merle Australian Shepherd puppiess from a breeder near you. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. mini aussies depending on their height, weight, bone structure, stockiness and overall build. Double merles often have excessive light or white areas and can have hearing and vision problems as a result of having two copies of the merle gene. Raising your next best friend ~ Australian Shepherds ... Color: Blue Merle - 2 Blue eyes . We are also aiming to get two certified as therapy dogs. Generally, they have a mane of thicker fur around their necks and feathering on their legs. sold. Sweet & Handsome Red Merle male with delicate markings. He is thick and has nice bone. In Aussies there has been little if any selection for more or less blue coverage, so many litters contain a variety. The Blue Merle Aussie also has unrivaled intelligence and is easy to train, which is why they make for great police and military working dogs and competitors in obedience competitions. or is it still just blue merle? See more ideas about australian shepherd, aussie dogs, australian shepherd dogs. Due to color similarities, sometimes people also mistake them with huskies. T: 417-293-8858. Find out more Tel +39 342 5878385 KC Aussie Pups - NEW LITTER DUE Dec 2019! Find the best pet name by browsing our list of blue and merle dog names. Home Our Girls Our Boys Australian Shepherds Chekerz Miley Available Past Puppies and adults Contact Us We are a small hobby breeder of AKC Miniature American Shepherds and Australian Shepherds. You’ll commonly see the merle pattern on Australian Shepherds, Border Collie’s, ... you will often see double merle Aussies that … Red Merle Male Puppy - Adopted! Blue Merle Tri Color #ThisIsWhereIComeFrom. The odds of this are 25% for each pup born from such a litter. ... blue merle females and 1 blue merle male in this litter!! Blue Springs Aussies Blue Springs Aussies Blue Springs Aussies. Wrangler. They have striking eyes that are either blue … Black Tri Male Aussie Puppy with Blue Eyes - Adopted! If you have children, this may be the ideal dog breed to get – the Aussies just … See more ideas about aussiedoodle, blue merle, puppies. Blue Springs Aussies Blue Springs Aussies Blue Springs Aussies. SEND Still, there are three versions of Blue Merle Aussies. Please contact us for more details! 2 Blue Merles girl and 2 Black Tri girl. They will usually have shorter hair on their heads. Blue Merle Aussie Puppies for sale. Black Tri. She is champion sired. Blue merle Aussies may be very captivating to look at, but they have their share of health conditions that you need to be aware of. Striking Blue merle male with dark black spots + red markings. Genetic Testing ~ CLEAR for Full Panel *Negative for Cryptic Merle Gene* RED FACTORED. Cuccioli di Australian Shepherd disponibili, provenienti dalle migliori linee di sangue. 9 week Blue Merle Aussie, Male, Toy Pure Bred comes with paperwork, Health record, and Vaccinations. This is why the tri aussies are hard to fine with blue eyes the recessive gene is hard to come up with, and no tri aussie could carry a merle gene for eye color because it's a tri not a merle. finn the sweetheart.

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