It also offers an Episode Builder to help you create episodes without any editing. An unlimited number of users can manage a single podcast. And these tools will help you deliver your narrative, be it a true crime podcast or deep dive into your favorite video game. Also, note that here we are recording a podcast with two participants. If you're using Audacity to edit your podcasts, these three tips can help you save a lot of time. Alitu: The Podcast Maker. It's … Still, there are some built-in podcasting templates, plus sound profiles for both male and female voices, jingles, stingers, and sound effects. But the bullet points in Apple's marketing tend to focus on music production with features like Smart Tempo, Brush Drum Kits, and more plugins and sounds than ever. Provide easy to understand podcast stats. Adobe Audition is a feature-rich audio recording tool for podcasters looking to produce multiple audio tracks on PC. Looking for an Apple Pencil alternative with iPad and iPhone compatibility? It creates the best audios using EQs, dynamics processors, and other premium production effects. Apple's Logic Pro X is certainly the prettiest option in the lineup. Next, import audio files, including the voice of both the podcasters and the one having a combined conversation of both. Whether or not you're jazzed about the program's built-in brass section or the ability to add in drummers, Logic brings some powerful tools into the podcasting arena. Adobe Audition is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) and lets you record … Option to record uncompressed or compressed audio Editing tools, … Audacity is a free podcasting app that does pretty much anything a podcaster would need. Perhaps the best voice recorder … Audition costs $20/month and isn't the cheapest software by a long-shot. Record outside using iPhone’s Voice Memos or Android’s Voice Recorder … And if you're looking for a tool to manage the podcasts you listen to on your PC or listen to podcasts on Mac, check out these options. Here is how the waveforms would look – perfectly lined up after the synchronization of audio files. Hey Jatin, good question. The apps are comparable, though Audacity comes with more podcast-specific tools, whereas GarageBand comes with a more attractive interface and a lower learning curve. You can normally use the MP3 at 160 kbps setting or a WAV file to export the podcast. The multi-track view lets you mix different tracks easily. The professional plan is $20/month for unlimited guests and episodes. My business software reviews are based on real-world experience (and not from a faceless brand). You can connect it to your Dropbox or Google Drive for access to files and easy editing. In addition to my guide on podcast hosting which covers how to get your podcast on all of the major podcast directories like iTunes, you need the podcast software to record and edit your shows. Let me know in the comments below. Even if you don't, for straightforward, basic podcasting, that's really all you need. Download the transcripts of podcasts in PDF format if you prefer reading. Podbean is a top trending app and is considered as the best app to discover & play all your favorite podcasts. After you record and edit your podcast episode, you need a place to put it so you can make it an official podcast. Zencastr also comes with a soundboard for live editing, which lets you insert your intro, ads, or other segments as you record. One of the easiest ways to create and promote your podcast ($12 per month). Pocket Casts is a popular podcast service that's available on many platforms, including Windows 10. Add real-time effects in your podcast to reduce your post-production work. The podcast player also enables you to listen to podcasts at 2x speed. Gain access to all podcasts in the search option. Android apps to record podcasts. 100% free hosting & distribution. Automatically distributed to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all other major listening platforms. It will open an empty project that will reflect empty tracks. You can even add some interesting sounds to your podcast with these top soundboard apps. GarageBand is only available on Mac, so PC users looking for a free option should stick with Audacity. Beyond that, Hindenburg comes with an automated equalizer that helps you maintain a consistent sound throughout each recording. The shape-shifting controls let you adjust the sound level of individual tracks and move them anywhere you want. Strip Silence can easily identify these blurbs and help you delete them instantly. It's been a long time coming but thanks to this great new app, I have a podcasting and audio recording strategy. However, it’s not a big issue if you have the context of the conversation in your mind. Release video soundbite of your podcasts on social media for more effective digital marketing. The noise reduction tools are particularly good, as is the approach to multitrack recording, which allows you to set levels for each guests voice and edit them separately in post-production. The price from a free app to $450AUD recorder + $100 microphones and cables is quite a jump if you're not serious about your podcast. You'll get the most out of Audition if you understand the basics of audio editing. You can set parameters as per your preference to let the tool detect and cut silence from the podcast. Adobe's audio software is considered a premium option, at least compared to free platforms like Audacity or GarageBand. You can download it from Apple’s app store. Organization tools like the clipboard help you arrange the best sound bytes from every interview, add in music and effects, and insert multi-track clips. Buzzsprout also helps you create your own website with custom domain and branding. You can also add transition effects and your listeners’ voice in your podcast to make the podcast more engaging. Alitu is a web app that we developed ourselves because so many of our readers told us that they just … You’d be glad to know that it shares some of its DNAs with GarageBand. Like Audacity, GarageBand is free, but there are a few key differences. Next, you just need to press Ctrl-X to delete highlighted parts. It also works with Apple Watch and CarPlay. I’d only look to create a podcast once you have built a blog following and have the time to shift over to a podcast. Using the app user can easily record a podcast … It lets you add more than 50 audio effects. Its ‘Magic Mastering’ also works wonders for your audio quality. Best Podcast Making Apps | Simplify Your Podcasting Process. Starting a podcast exactly the way you want. Alternatively, if you really want to start a podcast, you could start one as soon as you can and then repurpose the content – push to your blog as episode transcripts, post them to YouTube, etc. In that case, just move to the next section of the audio. If you want to record podcasts, you can easily do so using your Android. The final choice depends on your overall preferences and budget. After the podcast’s completion, one participant will send the audio to incorporate it in the final file of the podcast. I’d say that blogging and podcasting can be mutually exclusive. Audacity is a free podcasting app that does pretty much anything a podcaster would need. Apple Logic Pro X is a full-featured podcasting and music recording software for very high-quality work. This way, you can listen to more content in less time. The 6 Best Apps and Software for Recording Podcasts 1. Label these tracks according to the speakers’ names. It's perfect for narrative podcasts in the vein of Serial or This American Life. Hence, if you are looking for a simple podcast recording setup, is an amazing option. The post-production effects are top-notch and there are several automation features that will help you streamline the editing process. With over 500,000 monthly readers, my mission is to teach the next generation of online entrepreneurs how to scale their influence at startup speed. You no longer need a full recording studio or expensive digital audio workstations (DAW) to record audio – just a computer and a few simple tools like Audacity. Spreaker Studio is one of the most comprehensive solutions for recording audio while on the go. The Hokusai Audio Editor is a recording app for iOS that also works as a powerful and intuitive little multitrack editor. You can also change the pitch and velocity of tracks. Further Reading on Check out my full guide to the best audio editing software, the best podcast hosting, and my full guide on what podcasting is to get your podcast off the ground. So here are the best apps and software podcasters of every level should be using. Other than this, it now offers multi-touch gestures to help control the tone of individual tracks through Visual EQ. It’s an excellent way to build a large pool of loyal listeners. High sound quality (Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit), Ability to import/export audios in numerous formats, Support for multiple plugins (LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit effect ). Plus, Anchor lets you rearrange your segments as needed. This DAW is a flexible, subscription-based option that allows you to record audio files, then mix and edit to your heart's content. The paid “Business Class” plan costs $20 per month. You can reach here by clicking on File>New from Template. What's nice about this is, you can zoom out and really consider how the story fits together. Zencastr beats using your run-of-the-mill VOIP. GarageBand's primary features include the suite of digital instruments such as keyboards, drums, and guitars. However, in a scenario where the first person nods to whatever the second person is saying, it ends up creating repeated interruption. Required fields are marked *. Here are my top picks for the best podcast software to use this year: Free, Open-Source Podcasting Platform Suitable For Beginners (Free). Scale Your Influence and Make Money Online. Below a list of some turnkey podcasting software to get you started! Hence, it enables you to record and process a roundtable discussion easily. On top of all of this, it offers a 90-days free trial period to every user to explore the platform. The Pro version is available at a one-time payment of $200. You can also take donations from listeners each month. We're so deep into the "golden age of podcasting" that the phrase itself has already become cliche. After a bit of effort, you can achieve perfect synchronization. However, all these tools will help you record and edit podcasts efficiently. Audacity is an open-source platform, so it’s entirely free. Here, the recording of the combined tracks helps. Basically, what Instagram filters are to image, magic mastering is to your audios. Monetize your podcast by selecting the sponsorship ads of your choice. The intuitive analytics dashboard lets you track the performance of your episodes and audience growth. What’s more, you can easily monetize your podcasts. You can add URLs and text in the description of your podcast. On the other hand, when you record a podcast with participants at different locations, you might face connectivity delays by up to 2 seconds, especially if you’re using something like Skype or Zoom. From smart speed to … GarageBand is a full-fledged recording studio that comes with a MIDI synth station, instrument plug-in support, and a better interface. Overall, Spreaker is the perfect tool for podcasters looking for a solid platform with good statistics, a user-friendly CMS for managing your podcast catalog, and advanced monetization … Free: GarageBand is available for free. You can adjust volume and panning or shorten and extend the musical loop. Digitize recordings from any other media you want. You can export the final podcast episode by bouncing to a file. (This list is in no particular order). Both the participants are recording the podcast on different locations from their respective microphones.

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